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The Myths of Telehealth

Myth: I’ll have to get all new computers or a bunch of fancy camera equipment.

Truth: You can start doing telehealth right now with the camera and microphone already built into your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Or get started with an inexpensive webcam for your PC that you can order off Amazon.

Myth: It will take a long time to get this implemented and train my staff.

Truth: You can be up and running within 1 to 3 days, and it honestly is very simple to use. You and your staff will do just fine.

Myth: My patients, especially older people, are going to struggle to figure this out.

Truth: It is true that older people can be afraid that it will be hard to figure out, but if they can receive a text message, or an email, then they’ll be just fine.

Myth: My patients only want to interact face-to-face.

Truth: That might be true that it is their preference, and maybe it is your preference too, but right now, if your patients need your help, then this might be their only option. In the current circumstances, they’ll be happy you’re able to see them.

Myth: I won’t be reimbursed for telehealth visits.

Truth: As you may have heard, many of the restrictions on telehealth have either been waived, or dramatically loosened. Do your research on the CMS website and you’ll find the information you need so that you can bill for and be reimbursed for these visits.

What you can expect by implementing telehealth:

  • You’ll be seeing patients in no time at all – virtually
  • It’s simple and convenient for both the providers and the patients
  • For the provider, a laptop with a webcam and microphone already built-in is perfect. For a desktop computer, a simple and inexpensive webcam will do great. Smartphones or tablets will also work if that’s what you have.
  • Patients won‘t need to download any software, won’t need to install anything, and won‘t need to create any accounts. It’s very simple to join a virtual doctors visit.
  • Patients that have a smartphone, tablet or laptop with a built-in camera and microphone are good to go. If they only have access to a desktop pc, then they too will need to get a simple webcam.
  • The provider can easily take notes and screenshots during the visit. These notes and screenshots easily save to a folder on your computer, or can send seamlessly to your EHR.
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 - AZCOMP Technologies - AZCOMP Technologies

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