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Simply Put, Medical Billing Is Hard, Complicated & Time-Consuming

Medical billing and claims management is not an easy task for any medical practice.

It is hard to train and manage billing staff.

It is hard to master the process and keep up with the changes.

It is complicated and time-consuming to get paid everything you’re owed.

You invested so much time and money to get through medical school. Make sure you’re leveraging the best talent and a proven process to deliver the financial results you deserve and have earned.

Increase Profitability and Reduce Stress with AZCOMP Outsourced Medical Billing Solutions

  • Increase revenue with educated, certified and well-trained outsourced medical billing services

  • Reduce cost with professional and efficient billing systems and processes

  • Get paid faster. We know the process to collect your money faster

  • Reduce stress and frustration by getting paid faster, by getting paid more, and without the hassle of trying to manage the complicated billing process on your own

There Are Two Ways We Can Help You Achieve This

  • #1 - The Virtual Billing Assistant™

    “I want someone to help me with “this” aspect of the billing process”

    With The Virtual Billing Assistant™ you’ll get an experienced billing or collections expert to handle 100% of a specific task within your billing process.

    Don’t have time to handle EOB entry? Feeling overwhelmed trying to send out patient statements and work patient collections? Your new Virtual Billing Assistant™ has you covered.

    Now you can finally free up your time to focus on other important revenue-generating tasks to maximize revenue.

  • #2 - The Full Service Billing Team™

    “I want an expert team to handle the entire billing process for me”

    With The Full Service Billing Team™, AZCOMP will manage the entire billing lifecycle to maximize revenue for your practice.

    Simply send us the charge information and we’ll take it from there. Then, almost like magic, collected insurance and patient revenue will show up in your account.

    The Full Service Billing Team™ is more than a claims processing service.

    Your assigned team of billing, payment, and collection experts will work the entire revenue cycle. The team will handle claims generation, payment posting, patient/insurance collections, denial management, and everything in between.

    Monthly financial reviews with your dedicated Account Executive will examine performance and ensure your billing lifecycle is set up for maximum revenue collections.

AZCOMP Technologies – industry-leading medical billing provider since 2000.

  • Trusted by more providers than any other Medisoft partner in the world.

  • AZCOMP has worked with 1,000’s of practices all over the country.

  • Unmatched experience in helping businesses succeed with Medisoft

  • Our clients love us! Over 300+ 5-star reviews on Google


I am so happy with AZCOMP. I rave about your company to all my colleagues! I have tried others but remain with you since 2006. You guys just keep getting better. It’s nice to have an organization like yours to partner with. All your staff is nothing but First Class professionals and a pleasure to do business with.


AZCOMP is incredible. Your trainer really took the time and care to help us and went above and beyond by giving my billers additional information they didn’t even know. She wasn’t someone that just logged in to get the job done and get it over with. She took extra care and consideration. I know I made the right choice to have AZCOMP as my partner


I upgraded my Medisoft and I feel like I made an excellent choice with AZCOMP! They installed my software and trained my office on the new procedures to electronically bill health insurance claims. I couldn’t be more pleased! The stress is gone due to AZCOMP! I highly recommend their service.

Increase Revenue & Decrease Stress – Get Started With Outsourced Billing Help

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Medical Billing Services at Northeast Texas Women’s Health

The Results

  • Days in AR decreased 29%
  • Payments increased 8%
  • Patient volume increased 19%
  • DAR dropped below 30%
  • AR (0 to 30 days) increased 15% to 48%

The immediate impact on my cash flow has exceeded my expectations. We saw a 14% increase in the first 3 months.

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