Critical Clearing House Update – Change Healthcare

Important Update For Change Healthcare (formerly Relay Health)

Change Healthcare™  has notified AZCOMP that there is a critical update that users of the clearinghouse need to add to their programs.  If you are using the Change Healthcare clearinghouse to submit your claims, all mailboxes will be suspended from using the old EMF by June, 2018.  This means that you will no longer be able to upload or download any files (claim files & reports) from the clearing house using the old EMF.

In order to avoid problems with your Change Healthcare account, every work station (every computer) that accesses Revenue Management, will need to be updated.  This action is required, and the steps for completing this action is the same for Lytec and Medisoft.  Read below to learn what you need to do to update each of your computers.

Actions to be taken by you:

  1. Watch the short video found at the bottom of this page explaining how you will complete this update.
  2. During the video, you will be instructed to do the following tasks:
    1. Replace the IP address with the New Production URL within the comm session in Revenue Management.  The IP address needs to be changed to:  **make sure to press save**   Instructions on how to do this are in the video below.
    2. Update the FileTransfer.jar file.  The file that you need to use for this update can be downloaded here.
      * Instructions on how to do this are in the video below.
    3. Download the new JRE files  here.
      * You will also need to unzip the folder.
    4. Delete all of the files in C:\Medisoft\Bin\RCM\JRE
    5. Click Skip on the font folder
    6. Replace it with the files downloaded in step 3.)
    7. Reboot your computer and transmit claims.
Remember – these steps need to be completed for each computer/workstation that uses Revenue Management within Medisoft.

Watch this video so we can show you how to do this on your own workstation.

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