Managing your revenue cycle can be a daunting task during a busy day of seeing patients. However, by organizing your revenue cycle tasks into daily, weekly and monthly activities, your can streamline your billing and ensure you are collecting every penny you have earned.

Daily Activities:

  • Check eligibility for all patients

    Make sure you’re checking eligibility for every patient you see and collecting any balances owed. Confirming eligibility will also help you collect from payers after the fact.

  • Collect patient responsibility

    Patients are your most difficult payer to collect from. Whenever possible, make sure you are collecting patient owed responsibility up front. Using patient estimation tools, you can quickly obtain patient financial estimates and present them to your patients.

  • Send claims

    The faster you submit a claim, the faster it gets paid. It’s that simple. Make sure you are sending claims on a daily basis to ensure a consistent cash flow.

Weekly Activities:

  • Analyze rejected claims reports

    You should be analyzing your rejected claims, denials, and contract compliance every single week. What are your most common reasons for rejection? Which payers deny you more than others? Why?

  • Bill patient statements

    Don’t forget about those patient payers – make sure, if you have self‐pay balances, you’re sending out those statements.

Monthly Activities:

  • Practice performance analysis

    Each month you should be conducting a practice performance analysis. This analysis can help you understand practice performance month over month, the number of days it is taking to submit and file claims, your account receivables breakout, top rejections, and so much more. Use this analysis to set improvement goals for the following month.

If your practice is struggling with any of these activities, reach out to us today! We can help you with our end-to-end revenue cycle services. Our combination of revenue cycle experts, technology and workflow best practices are here to help.

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