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“We made the transition to EHR practically overnight”

After 30 years of using paper charts, switching to EHR was not something I was looking forward to. In fact, I was putting it off as long as possible – even with all of the promises of money from the government. It’s not that I wasn’t looking, I was, but everything was cumbersome, expensive, not user-friendly and – for someone who really dislikes change – not what I was looking for. Then I went to a seminar in San Francisco and met the staff from NextGen. I could not believe what I was seeing; finally, someone understood what it’s like in the trenches and designed something for doctors, their mid-levels and their staff. User-friendly, fast and used iPads. I signed up on the spot!

However, it’s one thing to talk to a sales staff, and it’s something totally different when you finally start into it for real. But let me tell you, NextGen doesn’t lie! It has been easy to implement. Sure, there have been some learning curves, but nothing like I expected. If we have an issue, they are there to resolve it. When we had to add a new staff member, they helped us train her. Training – let’s talk about that! Everything is online. We just downloaded all of the training sessions and had our staff doing one session per day, so that when things were ready, we had the iPads and the insurance companies were set up, we just started doing medical records right then – online. There are regular updates that make things easier. It just keeps getting better. My staff are happy, things are going smoothly and we made the transition to EHR practically overnight

“I really enjoy the technology”

“I really enjoy the technology and I think NextGen is definitely at the forefront with the NextGen® Office EHR implementation with the iPad. Being able to literally carry your office worth of charts in your hand, access from anywhere and also have the ability to have all of your textbooks in your hand is pretty unbelievable. Ten years ago it would have been hard to believe.”

“Thank you for providing a product that is so accessible”

“I have already stopped by the NextGen® Office table here at the Gaylord Palms ACOFP annual convention, but wanted to be sure my thanks passed along to all. I have the privilege of sitting poolside here at the Gaylord Palms, using laptop, posting clinic charges and filing insurance under the palm trees. Thank you for providing a product that is so accessible for me to catch up on work while enjoying this trip with my husband.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you again”

“I absolutely love NextGen and NextGen® Office EHR! Everyone has been so helpful and ready to answer any questions I have right away. I’m not a wiz when it comes to computers. My knowledge base is pretty basic, but what I love about NextGen and NextGen® Office is that the program, and every screen for that matter, is super easy to work through. I thought this would be a very ‘painful’ experience switching from paper to an EHR/EMR system, because I had heard it was, but it hasn’t been tough at all. Very simple. And lots of help and support if you need it. Thank you, thank you, thank you again.”

“The staff says they can’t work without it”

“My front office staff loves using NextGen. We have already found cases where a patient’s insurance card had a $10.00 co-pay, when we checked your system, we found the co-pay was raised to $20.00, and it only took seconds to verify. Multiply that change times hundreds of visits, and it makes a big difference. Referrals and Pre-Certs are a snap. The staff says they can’t work without it.”

“Less paperwork”

“I do like the NextGen system. We get our claims paid within 2 weeks of DOS. The ERA function is very easy to process and understand. Less paperwork, checks are auto-deposited.”

“I have no hesitations in recommending NextGen to anyone!”

“Before I found NextGen® Office, I was calling and printing out all my claims, then waiting at least a month for payment. With NextGen® Office, not only do I get paid quicker, but if there is a problem with one of my claims, my ‘Angels’ at NextGen let me know immediately. I have no reservations or hesitations in recommending NextGen® Office to anyone!”

“NextGen is clearly the best”

“I have looked at almost every system on the market, and NextGen® Office is clearly the best. The screens are easy to use, they improve the front office work-flow, and I collect faster from the insurance companies now! I hope all the insurance companies decide to use NextGen® Office, everyone wins; the patient, the doctor’s office and the insurance company.”

“Great job, keep up the A+ work”

“I wanted to take a minute to express my satisfaction with the online referral process NextGen offers. It is wonderful to hop online and enter a referral and then receive referral authorization within seconds. The NextGen process for referrals is 100% better than a hand-written referral which takes a few days to receive authorization back on. The system is very user friendly and the technical support is without a doubt speedy and very helpful. Great job, keep up the A+ work.”

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