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Revenue Cycle Management for NextGen® Office Users

Outsource all or part of your RCM medical billing

No other industry has such complexities in getting paid for services like the healthcare industry does. And it changes all the time. Large practices and hospitals have departments filled with trained staff focusing specifically on ensuring the maximum payment. We know you don’t have that luxury.

Our combination of revenue cycle experts, technology, and workflow best practices are here to help your practice succeed financially. Whether you are a small practice or a larger enterprise, AZCOMP Technologies can be your medical billing office, or just an added resource. We’ll do it cost effectively and deliver great results with our end-to-end RCM billing services.

Get Increased Revenue for a Healthy Practice

Take care of your practice and patients. We’ll worry about your revenue.

Our NextGen® Office revenue cycle customers experience:

  • Peace of Mind

  • Increased Revenue

  • Faster Collection of Revenue

  • Decreased Cost for Collections

  • Extra Time to Focus on the Clinic

  • Total Visibility & Control

Maximize Your Income

The AZCOMP Technologies team has over two decades experience in understanding and managing best practices for revenue cycle management for independent healthcare practices using NextGen® Office. We can reduce your costs while growing revenue and improving how quickly you get paid.

Our HIT management team of regulatory and payment experts stay on top of all the latest government and payer requirements. Doing this allows us the ability to reduce your days payable outstanding and reduce claim denials.

In the background, we use proven technology tools to automate and manage workflow. That technology, along with our revenue cycle management experts, ensures you are maximizing every available dollar for your practice.

Refocus Your Energy on the Clinic

Running a business is a challenging task and with a lot of responsibilities. As a medical provider, if you are consumed by the frustrations of the billing process and your growing accounts receivable, it makes it even harder to deliver the best care to your patients.

Furthermore, no matter how big or small your staff is, if they are trying to learn how to master all the nuances of billing and collecting from the healthcare machine, they are fighting an uphill battle, which is taking away from other important responsibilities on the clinical side.

With AZCOMP managing your entire revenue cycle, or even just a portion of it, you can lift those burdens from you and your staff, giving you the time needed and emotional energy needed to run an amazing clinic. In the end, you’ll love all the time you have available to deliver the best care, and your patients will thank you for it.

Total Visibility & Control

The AZCOMP Revenue Cycle Management service is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We will work with you to create the right solution that fits within how you want your practice to operate.

You can keep NextGen® Office, or switch to our technology. Either way, we can support your operation, whether you are large or small. We work with you and your staff, to build the most efficient path to a healthier bottom line with minimal disruptions to your day-to-day practice.

No EHR solution yet? No problem. We use our proven solution in the background while leveraging the NextGen® Office program you’re already using in your practice. Because of this, you maintain full control and full visibility of your data. When hiring us, it’s like you’re gaining a virtual billing team to work directly for you because our team works out of your NextGen® Office system.

Our flexible approach to creating a flexible service ensures that you remain in control over your practice.

Increase Revenue, Gain Freedom

RCM Services at Northeast Texas Women’s Health

The Results

  • Days in AR decreased 29%
  • Payments increased 8%
  • Patient volume increased 19%
  • DAR dropped below 30%
  • AR (0 to 30 days) increased 15% to 48%

The immediate impact on my cash flow has exceeded my expectations. We saw a 14% increase in the first 3 months.

No Money, No Mission

Optimizing your revenue to receive as much income as possible is what keeps your practice healthy. And a healthy practice allows you to focus as much of your time on the clinical side of your practice. It’s why you got into healthcare in the first place – to help patients and deliver the best care.

Ready to remove the burden of billing and make practicing medicine your focal point again? Contact Us

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