Why NextGen® Office EHR?

You’re really going to love NextGen® Office as your EMR software for a lot of reasons, but here are just a few to start off with:

  • Fast, Easy and Simple Charting

    Chart at the point of care and never have homework.

  • Mobile Charting

    Use any tablet, laptop, or desktop computer to chart or access any other aspect of the program.

  • Eliminate Paper

    Take a huge step closer to paperless and transform your practice into a truly modern and efficient practice.

  • Flexible

    Flexible and customizable to meet the needs of your specialty.

  • Affordable

    Get all the features you want and expect from an EHR and at a price you’ll be happy with.

  • Get Results

    Get the results that EMR’s were originally promising back in the day:

    • Save time
    • Save money
    • Increase revenue
    • Improve patient care
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