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NextGen® Office EHR is the Fastest and Easiest Way to Chart

Is your current EMR slowing you down, not providing enough benefit, still generating too much paper, complicating your life, not helpful in providing better patient care, costing too much, or making you look clumsy in front of your patients? Give AZCOMP a call and let us show you what a real EMR looks like that lives up to the hype of being fast, customizable, simplifies your charting, and is at a price that you’ll like.

NextGen® Office is a cloud based Electronic Health Records software that is fast, flexible, easy to use, and is priced to fit within most provider’s budgets. It’s an EHR that has been designed by doctors to be the best for doctors.

You’re really going to love NextGen® Office as your EHR software for a lot of reasons, but here are just a few to start off with:

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Fast, Easy & Simple Charting

Chart at the point of care and never have homework.

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Mobile Charting

Use any tablet you like, or a laptop, or a desktop to chart or access any other aspect of the program.

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Paperless Practice Management

Take a huge step closer to paperless and transform your practice into a truly modern and efficient practice.

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Flexible to meet the needs of your specialty.

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Get all the features you want and expect from an EHR and at a price you’ll be happy with.

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Get Results

Get the results that EMR’s were originally promising back in the day:

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NextGen® Office Will Simplify Your Charting

Switching to a modern, iPad native (or any other tablet), cloud-based EMR software such as NextGen® Office can save users countless hours charting, and significantly improve the doctor’s experience, which also means a much better patient encounter. With the charting simplified, the entire process and workflow is better. Here’s how we’ve simplified charting:


The interface is instantly familiar, and workflows are recognizable to the provider and staff.


Buttons are designed for iPad fingertip touch.


Chart in the way that fits your own style best. You can touch, type or talk. You can use an tablet, laptop, or desktop (PC or Mac).


Optimized for easy and fast data input. You’ll chart at the point of care and never have homework.

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NextGen® Office Features You’ll Love

NextGen® Office offers the most complete suite of features on the market. It does almost everything you’ve ever dreamed an EMR should do. And to go along with that, it is simple to use, doesn’t slow you down, and won’t break the bank. Here is a short list of some of the most important features to get you started. Be sure to click to find out more, and then call us to schedule you’re demo.

  • MACRA Compliant with MIPS and Quality Measures dashboards for real-time updates.
  • EPCS certified
  • Loaded with the tools needed to modernize your practice, and improve your workflow. For example:
    • Electronic self-registration
    • Patients can electronically sign forms
    • Real-time eligibility verification (Plus, automatically load patient demographics straight into the EMR from the insurance data)
    • While in the exam room, take a picture with your phone or iPad & import straight into the note with 1 click, then draw on the picture or annotate anything
    • Bi-directional labs
  • Fully featured & integrated scheduling, billing & clearinghouse software included
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Success with MACRA and MIPS is Made Easy With NextGen® Office & AZCOMP
  • Review detailed training modules and get customer support on all aspects of MACRA
  • Automated reporting makes submission to CMS a breeze
  • Easily view your built-in MIPS & Quality Measures dashboards to monitor physician performance
  • Easily compare provider performance across the practice
  • See patient summaries for quick action to improve scores
  • Track performance on selected measures and report on top CQM
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Customizable To Your Specialty

NextGen® Office is a Flexible EHR Pre-Loaded with the content needed for your specialty

Since NextGen® Office works for most specialties and across any platform, chances are that many of your peers in medical specialties are already using it.

  • Pre-loaded with templates and care plans specific to your medical specialty
  • YourHealthFile Patient Portal brings your patient closer to your practice
  • Award-winning features and customer service
  • Easily customizable to suit your unique needs

See the full list of all practice specialties we have tailored the program to fit the needs of.

Why Choose NextGen® Office? Over 33,000 Providers & Growing

“NextGen Office is clearly the best”

“I have looked at almost every system on the market, and NextGen Office is clearly the best. The screens are easy to use, they improve the front office work-flow, and I collect faster from the insurance companies now! I hope all the insurance companies decide to use HealthFusion, everyone wins; the patient, the doctor’s office and the insurance company.”

Michael Lozito, Business Administrator Hawthorne Medical Group, New Jersey

“I have no hesitations in recommending NextGen Office to anyone!”

“Before I found NextGen Office, I was calling and printing out all my claims, then waiting at least a month for payment. With NextGen Office, not only do I get paid quicker, but if there is a problem with one of my claims, my ‘Angels’ at NextGen Office let me know immediately. I have no reservations or hesitations in recommending NextGen Office to anyone!”

Dobritte J. Norris, Licensed Mental Health Counselor North Attleboro, Massachusetts

“The staff says they can’t work without it”

“My front office staff loves using NextGen Office. We have already found cases where a patient’s insurance card had a $10.00 co-pay, when we checked your system, we found the co-pay was raised to $20.00, and it only took seconds to verify. Multiply that change times hundreds of visits, and it makes a big difference. Referrals and Pre-Certs are a snap. The staff says they can’t work without it.”

Dr. Jerry Green, Pediatrician Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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We absolutely love helping businesses eliminate the frustrations of technology, increase employee productivity through the effective use of process and strategy, and help businesses get organized and thrive in the way they’ve always hoped for.


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