NextGen® Office is a fully-integrated cloud EHR and Medical Billing Software.

NextGen® Office is Developed by Physicians to simplify your practice.

  • EHR, Billing, Clearinghouse & Patient Portal Software
  • Easy to use web-based application for fast and complete documentation
  • Everything you need and want in an EHR at an affordable price

Looking for An Alternative To Your Current EHR?

  • Still managing too much paper?
  • Unpredictable & unexpected extra fees?
  • Ineffective & slowing you down?

NextGen® Office can get the job done where so many others fail.


Chart in the Exam Room – Never Any Homework

The NextGen® Office on-screen interface brings order and simplicity to the complex. This fast and intuitive layout keeps you focused on the patient. When the exam is done, so are you!

Flexible to Meet the Needs of Your Specialty

Practice specialties require precise solutions – NextGen® Office EHR is flexible & customizable to work perfectly with almost any medical specialty.

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Why Choose NextGen® Office? Over 33,000 Providers & Growing

“The NextGen® Office red triangle reminder saved my patient’s life”

“I play the usual game of get rid of the red triangle, health maintenance marker, and tell patients to get their scheduled tests. My GI doctor called today and told me that I had saved my patient’s life. He found a polyp with adenocarcinoma down to the wall of the sigmoid colon. I know that I didn’t really save it, my red triangle reminder button did. Just thought you would want to know about a success story.”

“NextGen® Office is clearly the best”

“I have looked at almost every system on the market, and NextGen® Office by NextGen Healthcare is clearly the best. The screens are easy to use, they improve the front office work-flow, and I collect faster from the insurance companies now! I hope all the insurance companies decide to use NextGen Healthcare, everyone wins; the patient, the doctor’s office and the insurance company.”

Everything You Need and Want in an EHR!

Easy & Fast Charting

You’ll never experience EHR charting in the exam room like this. The interface is laid out simply and intuitively to make the charting process easy, and never distracting the provider from the primary focus, the patient. And, you’ll never leave the exam room with homework!

Huge Leap Closer to Totally Paperless

Isn’t one of the big selling points of adopting an EHR supposed to be getting rid of paper? With NextGen® Office , you’ll be closer than ever before. Patient registration, the patient portal, the eRx process including renewals, integrated labs, online statements and more all help in making your practice completely paperless.

Phenomenal Support

Don’t settle for customer “satisfaction” any longer. With so many smaller vendors and service providers out there, high quality customer service has gone by the wayside. But not at AZCOMP Technologies! We have a long track record of providing 5-Star PHENOMENAL service. Get the best service, support and training from skilled technicians right here in the USA.

Customizable to Your Specialty

NextGen® Office is easily customizable to suit your unique practice needs. The EHR comes pre-loaded with templates and content specific to your medical specialty. Plus, patients can complete specialty specific chief complaint forms on the patient portal, and you can annotate a photo from a patient’s iPad/iPhone, or an anatomic illustration.

All at the Right Price

NextGen® Office has it all, and at the right price. For one low monthly flat rate, you’ll be fully equipped with scheduling, billing, electronic claims, EHR, labs, patient portal, eRx, online payments and more. Plus, it is MACRA ready, no training or support fees, and all upgrades & updates are included.

Or, call us at (480) 730-3055 to speak with an EHR Specialist

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