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MediTouch Medical Billing Software

MediTouch is a fully featured and fully integrated Medical Billing Software for the modern independent medical practice. MediTouch has everything you need and want in a practice management and billing software to help you manage your schedule and maximize your cash flow.

  • Patient Scheduling

    A patient scheduling program that is simple and powerful to efficiently manage your entire practice

  • Billing Software

    Billing software equipped with all the right tools to fully manage the complete revenue cycle

  • Clearinghouse

    Integrated clearinghouse for real-time eligibility, quick payments, ERA and excellent reporting

  • PM and EMR

    The PM and EMR portions of the software are built together as one web-based software solution – this means no interface, no bridge, no integration, no spreadsheets, no double entry

  • And more...

    Lots of bells and whistles to really streamline your practice, all at price you’ll appreciate

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Practice Management and Medical Billing

MediTouch is a fully featured and fully integrated EMR and Practice Management Billing software. However, you can subscribe to MediTouch as just a billing and PM software if that is all you’re looking for.

Managing your schedule and your finances from a web-based or cloud application gives you ultimate flexibility and ultimate control of your practice and cash flow. You can manage your schedule, electronic claims, patient billing and more, all from an iPad, phone, laptop or desktop, and with either Apple or Android or PC products. Whether you’re at the hospital, a clinic, a surgery center, your own office, your house or anywhere else, you’ll have full and complete access to all the information.

To learn more about MediTouch PM software, and how MediTouch can help you improve your cashflow, your efficiency, and your practice, contact us today!

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