Medisoft’s Office Hours® Professional

 Medisoft’s Patient Appointment Scheduler:

Office Hours® Professional

Whether you are a small practice, or a multi-provider and multi-location practice, you know that looking for a flexible and efficient way to keep track of your patient appointments is ideal.

Scheduling has never been easier with Medisoft’s Office Hours®

Offering an easy to use patient appointment scheduling system, Medisoft Office Hours® Professional, allows staff and providers to easily track appointments, see which times are available to schedule and create that appointment easily.

With these improvements for your office, you can focus on what really matters: patient care.

You’re going to get some great features to help you organize your day and appointments with Medisoft Office Hours®.

These Features will include:

  • Appointment Scheduling and Rescheduling
  • Tracking Appointments and Modifications
  • Appointment Templates
  • Appointment View Options
  • Adding patients to an appointment wait list
  • Run batch Eligibility checks
  • Multi-view schedule
  • Color coding of appointments

Integrated with Medisoft, Office Hours shares your existing data and you will be able to access some of Medisoft’s biggest features like, Eligibility Verification and Reports Designer.

Check out this quick introduction video on Office Hours® Professional!

Enhanced Features Introduced in Office Hours® Version 19 Include:

New fields on the Appointment List grid and the Report Designer in Medisoft provide users the opportunity to create reports for date created and by whom and the date modified and by whom.

Users can add the User Code column, along with the Date Created and Date Modified columns, to the Appointment List to track appointment modifications. For more information on adding columns to a list, see Grid Columns – Complete.

Users now have the option to find appointments manually or use the Wait List to search for and select the next available appointment based on selected criteria. For more information on changing an appointment, see Rescheduling an Appointment and Wait List.

Users can set the permission levels (Level 1 through Level 5) for appointment breaks through the Medisoft Security Permissions window. Users can view and set new permissions and edit or delete permissions for the five levels of security. The default setting for Appointment Breaks is the same as for Appointments.

When patients check in for an appointment and have an outstanding co-pay, a message now alerts the Office Hours user, and an account alert of OC appears under the patient information in the lower left section of the appointment window.

Office Hours® Professional is the affordable choice for managing appointments with computerized speed, flexibility, and efficiency. Make and change appointments, attach special notes, or track treatment room schedules. Select the screen view that meets the needs of your practice. Office Hours® Professional delivers the powerful features of computerized schedulers that sell for thousands of dollars for a fraction of the cost.

Designed to offer a simple screen layout and command structure, Office Hours® Professional scheduler is easy to learn and use. Scheduling, moving, and copying appointments require only a few keystrokes.

Office Hours® Professional allows you to set up an appointment template to reserve time slots for certain types of appointments. It allows you to organize appointments to make the most efficient use of the practitioner’s time. You’ll know instantly when to schedule an appointment and can be certain the appropriate amount of time has been set aside.

With Office Hours® Professional software, there are options for displaying appointments to meet the needs of your practice. Appointments can be viewed by:

  • Day, week, or month
  • Multiple providers
  • Equipment or treatment room
  • Clean screen view to see more appointments

With Office Hours® Professional software, there are options for displaying appointments to meet the needs of your practice. Appointments can be viewed by:

  • Instantaneously search all providers for next available time slot.
  • Add patients to an appointment wait list.
  • Mark appointments as unconfirmed, confirmed, checked in, being seen, checked out, missed, or cancelled.
  • Color code appointments to quickly identify types of appointments like new patients who require registration forms.
  • Print superbills for all appointments scheduled for a day or as a patient checks in (if integrated with Medisoft Patient Accounting).

With Office Hours® Professional software, there are options for displaying appointments to meet the needs of your practice. Appointments can be viewed by:

  • Share patient data with Medisoft.
  • Access some of Medisoft’s biggest features, like Eligibility Verification and the Report Designer.

Network versions of Office Hours® Professional are available that allow more than one user to access your data simultaneously.

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