Medisoft Version 21

Practice Management Software

For the past two decades, Medisoft has been the best software available for independent practices to manage their practice. Medisoft Version 21 is the best version of Medisoft that has ever been released. It will help you to efficiently and effectively manage your schedule, manage your claims, and manage the complete revenue cycle with your patients.

Medisoft Monthly

Shouldn’t the Cost of Medisoft Include Training, Support, and Installation?

Medisoft Monthly™ is a low cost monthly plan that includes Medisoft Billing Software, PLUS- Installations, Unlimited Support, Training and More!

You’re Going to Love These New Features Within Medisoft Version 21

Online Appointment Scheduling

This tool is perfect for practices that want to reduce time spent on scheduling appointments by phone. Its design is integrated into your Medisoft software and will help to make appointment scheduling convenient for both you and your patients.

Patients can schedule and request appointments from a website, and enter basic demographic information which will speed up the intake process when a patient checks in at the office.

Advanced ICD-10 Search Tool

This tool will help billers find the most specific code available, and quickly!  The natural language query included will allow Medisoft users to search by code or description and then set filters to narrow the code. The visual search function can be accessed directly from within your medisoft software, and allows users to also click on anatomical diagrams.

Aged Transaction Cleanup Utility

This new feature is for offices that are concerned that their medisoft database has aged transactions in them that are not collectible.

Old balances can be cleaned out quickly. Have more confidence in sending patient statements knowing that aged balances have been removed. Reduce the amount of time spent muddling through irrelevant data and get more insight into the state of the practice.

This tool allows you to get a fresh start and move forward with a newer and cleaner database, which in turn will improve medisoft program speed!

Integrated Appointment Reminder System

Medisoft is more tightly integrated with the AutoRemind service, and drastically reduces no-shows. AutoRemind is proven to cost less and be more effective than making phone calls during business hours.

With this service, you can send automated appointment reminders to patients via secure emails, text messages or even via automated phone calls at a time that is convenient to your patients. Patients can confirm their appointments and you will see the appointment status update in the system.

Get more out of your program and help keep patients from missing their appointments with AutoRemind!

*Get a FREE 30-day trial of the Appointment Reminder System! Additional Fees May Apply.