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Medisoft Software Training & Coaching for Medical Professionals Nationwide

When you or your staff don’t get the training you deserve…

  • Time is wasted on trying to figure out how to use the software
  • Money is lost on fixing mistakes and paying employees who can’t do their job effectively
  • Morale is low and the staff gets frustrated

AZCOMP can provide the training you need

When you and your staff are properly trained on Medisoft, you’ll be more productive and efficient which will allow you to get more done in less time and collect your money faster. It’s good for business to be well trained!

Get Medisoft Training

For brand new users

Let us teach your new employees the right way to use Medisoft from the beginning so they can become efficient and effective in the shortest amount of time possible.

For experienced users

Let us work with your experienced users so they can become Power Users!

For your billing staff

Let us show your billing staff the best ways to effectively submit and manage claims, which will help you get fewer rejections, collect more money and get it into your bank account faster!

For your billing manager or office manager

Let us work with your management team to help them learn how to use Medisoft to the fullest potential to effectively manage the entire revenue cycle within Medisoft.

For your clinical staff

Let us work with your staff to learn how to efficiently and effectively use the EHR program to help your entire practice run smoothly so you can all go home on time.

AZCOMP Technologies – industry leading Medisoft partner since 2000.

We know running a business is hard enough as it is, but when your staff doesn’t know how to use the program that is designed to help you, it creates a whole new level of frustration.


AZCOMP’s Medisoft Training Team can help both the seasoned and the amateur Medisoft user become Medisoft power users!

  • Providing Medisoft training for thousands of medical billers since 2000

  • Efficient, friendly, helpful, kind, knowledgeable, and experienced- everything you would expect from a professional trainer or coach

  • Over three-hundred 5-star reviews on Google- We have an awesome training staff that customers love

Robert R

I had an implementation training that I was extremely nervous about, and as a result, I put it off for months. I received in-depth training and answered all my questions better than I expected. They didn’t just tell me how to use the new software, they showed me how to use it effectively and efficiently. I have had nothing but a great experience with the implementation specialists and tech support team!

Rachel T

AZCOMP support and training is top-notch! They respond to my needs very quickly, are professional, are based in the USA, they listen and hear what my needs are, and resolve as quickly as possible. I have not bumped into an issue that they have not helped resolve. They are friendly, and that is hard to find these days. I highly recommend ACOMP Technologies, their software, their clearinghouse, their support, and their superior service!

Michelle M

The AZCOMP team is amazing! This is an understatement. I always get prompt attention. Maggie has helped me throughout the years with training and templates. She is so knowledgeable with MIPS and without her, I would be clueless. I would not want to work with anyone other than Maggie!

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