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There are two primary factors in determining the price of Medisoft. Read through the next two sections to help you decide what is best for you, then review the pricing table below.

PLEASE NOTE: The pricing table below is what we’re allowed to publish online! This means we can get you better pricing! We’re the best Medisoft dealer in the nation and would love to have you as a customer. Call us to get the best deals!

Medisoft Comes In 3 Models. Which one is right for you?

For the ultimate in efficiency, productivity, and profit maximization, upgrade to Medisoft version 28. And, with AZCOMP as your Medisoft partner, you’ll feel confident in all things Medisoft.

We can help
choose the
right plan
for you:

Medisoft BASIC

Minimal Features – Minimal Price!

Designed for a single user on a budget who just want some basic features.

Medisoft Advanced

Powerful and Affordable!

Designed for a single user for a powerful way to manage the entire revenue cycle.

Medisoft Network Pro

Most Advanced for Multiple Users!

Designed for multiple users for a powerful way to manage the entire revenue cycle.

Choose How You Want To Buy Medisoft

Medisoft Monthly Subscription™

Bundle and Save!

For a low monthly price get the Medisoft software, expert installation, technical support, training, automated backups, and more

Cloud Hosted Medisoft

Take Medisoft with you anywhere!

For a low monthly price, we’ll host Medisoft so you can access Medisoft from anywhere, plus get support and training

Annual Upgrade

Pay full retail price for the couple things you want

Buy the software in one transaction, plus buy any add-on services you’d like. If you want to bundle and save, then buy the subscription model.

Third, Check Out These Medisoft Pricing Options


The pricing listed below is MSRP only. AZCOMP is frequently running a promotion for Medisoft and related products, which we are not allowed to publish. The best way to get the best price for your practice is to call us at (866) 932-9642. Thanks!

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