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Medisoft Technical Support Phone Number: (480) 730-3055.

We Are Famous for our PHENOMENAL Medisoft Support

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What is PHENOMENAL Support?

– adjective

  1. highly extraordinary or prodigious; exceptional
  2. extraordinary; outstanding
  3. exceedingly or unbelievably great

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Since its inception AZCOMP has had one ambition- to provide the very best for the people we are so privileged to work with. From the products like Medisoft, to the employees we hire, to the services we provide; our commitment to provide the best effects every decision we make. AZCOMP has never been out to simply sell products.

Our purpose is to Empower Small Practices To Deliver The Best Care, and one of the ways we try to achieve that is by providing highly extraordinary support for your Practice Management Software and EHR Software. When your software isn’t running right, then your practice suffers and your patients suffer. When we deliver Phenomenal and get your software working the way it is supposed to be then we know we are helping your practice and your patients.

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We Deliver PHENOMENAL Over 92% Of the Time

After each service ticket we complete, we send a survey to the customer. Of the customers that complete and return the survey (we get 100’s each month), they rank us 5-stars on 5 different questions for a perfect survey score over 92% of the time.

We are very happy with 92%, but we won’t stop trying to improve until we are always delivering Phenomenal. Our goal is to deliver PHENOMENAL experiences 100% of the time.

We’d love for the chance to deliver PHENOMENAL for you and convert you into a Raving Fan!

Raving Fans!

In addition to 92% perfect survey scores, we literally have thousands of comments from our customers giving us compliments on our service. We think we do an amazing job at delivering fantastic and phenomenal support experiences, but truly our customers say it best.

Today I had an AZCOMP technician go above and beyond the call and help solve with two issues that were unsolvable. It is so refreshing when one can acknowledge and understand that there is a problem and that there needs to be a solution to fix it, and not give up until there is a solution. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You rocked today and you solved two unsolvable issues.

The AZCOMP support staff is great. I’ve never worked with any other support staff that is so pleasant and willing to help. It is very much appreciated. I can’t say enough nice things about all the support staff that I have spoken to.

Thank you so much for your help today. I really appreciate how quickly we were able to get my new helpful report added and working. This was the best Christmas present ever! Thank you so much. I believe you just made my job, with the way that I do it, much, much more efficient.

Awesome Ticketing System

With the number of customers that we are supporting, and the number of service tickets that are created, we must be organized.

We have a very advanced ticketing system that allows you to always know what is going on with your ticket. You have real-time visibility of who is working on your ticket and what the progress is through our ticket portal. Our technicians also create a chat thread directly with you so that you have a completely documented conversation on every ticket that gets created for you.

Always Get a Live Voice Within Seconds

Have you ever tried to call eMDs for support on your software? How long did you wait on hold? Are you tired of not being able to get a hold of people that can help you?

Even if you aren’t a Platinum Member, when you call AZCOMP’s support department during normal business hours (8AM – 5PM Arizona Time), we always* have a living human being who lives right here in Arizona answer the phone ready to get you the help you need.

*Always means 99.99% of the time. We do have mandatory company meetings or department meetings on occasion where the phone system gets routed to an answering machine. But – we will call you back! So, leave us a message! Or, create a support ticket online!

Experience the Piece of Mind you will get with our UNLIMITED Platinum Phenomenal Support Plan.

If you need help getting Medisoft, Medisoft Clinical, or your Relay Health claims to run right, then we are your best bet. You will truly get the best support experience possible.

Starting as low as $99 per month, you can get UNLIMITED support cases resolved when you become a Platinum Phenomenal Support Member!

You can call us daily if you want and we’ll fix whatever problem you’re experiencing in the program. You can also create tickets online while our office is closed and we’ll start working on the issue when our support department opens back up.

Optional Ways of Receiving Answers for Medisoft Questions:

  • Telephone: Call us at (480) 730-3055.
  • Fax: Fax your support inquiries to 480.926.6108.
  • Email: Email your support inquiries to
  • Ticket Portal: If you have an account with our support portal, you can create a ticket there.
  • Blog: Go to to find blog posts and videos of Medisoft Tips & Tricks.
  • YouTube: Go to the AZCOMP YouTube Channel to watch help video’s we’ve posted.

NOTE: When faxing or emailing inquiries, please include enough detailed information for us to answer your questions. We will respond by calling, faxing o emailing you back within our SLA time.

With the purchase of the 12 Months-Platinum Support Plan, you will receive:

  • Unlimited Medisoft Software Support
  • Call Back Feature (You now have the option to call and leave your phone number and a short message. The phone system will hold your place in line and call you back when a technician is available to assist you.)
  • Priority Queuing (You will receive a private and direct phone number which will instantly put you in front of all 6 month and support by the incident callers.)
  • Toll free phone number.
  • Shadow Support – Proven to be the most advanced and effective method of support available. Our support technicians can connect to your computer from our office to view what is happening on your PC and walk you through steps as you watch them happen on your own screen.
  • Free File Repair Diagnosis (valued at $125.00).
  • Industry Best Response Times:
    Emergency Tickets: (all users down or unable to work in Medisoft): Max Response Time of 1 hour.
    Urgent Tickets: (one user down or unable to work in Medisoft): Max Response Time of 2 hours.
    Normal Tickets: (non-urgent / slightly inconvenienced): Max Resoponse Time of 4 hours.

(Note: Response times are subject to change and are not guaranteed.)

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