Are you a Medisoft User looking for EMR?

Medisoft Clinical EHR is the Best Way for Medisoft users to get EHR.

Do you want to keep using Medisoft as your billing program, plus get all the advantages of a great EHR? You can!

Medisoft EHR

Make the Switch to Aprima Solutions, Integrated with Medisoft.

  Aprima Fully Hosted EHR

  • Cloud / Hosted EHR.
  • Easy to use hosted application for fast and complete documentation.
  • Everything you need and want in an EHR at an affordable price.
  • MACRA ready with MIPS dashboard and other tools.
  • Integrates perfectly with Medisoft

Aprima Hosted EHR is the easiest and most affordable way to get EHR for your practice.

Aprima Hosted is a hosted in the cloud EHR that is fully integrated with your Medisoft billing program. Get all the advantages of Medisoft, and get an EHR solution without having big upfront expenses for a server. This hosted EHR is quick and easy to implement, is the fastest way to chart, is pre-loaded with tons of content for your specialty, and has everything you need and want in an EHR.

  Aprima Client Server EHR

  • Local server based EHR
  • Highly customizable & robust EHR
  • Up front purchase with annual maintenance fee.
  • Integrates perfectly with Medisoft

Do you prefer your EHR hosted on your own server? Aprima EHR is the answer for you.

Aprima is a robust local server based, and highly customizable EHR program that is fully integrated with your Medisoft billing program. Get all the advantages of Medisoft, plus get a full suite of advanced EHR features by implementing Aprima. This EHR requires an upfront purchase and a low annual maintenance fee.

With EHR, providers can view trends over time and easily show those reports to the patients. Prescriptions are now safer. Providers can offer information to referring providers the same day. Providers can make better informed decisions regarding the patient’s well being having all the updated information at their fingertips. All of this can result in delivering much better care for each patient.

Join the thousands of providers who have already made the switch to Aprima. Give us a call today to see a demo of Aprima Solutions integrated with Medisoft. 

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Technology Partners

We don’t just sell Software. We understand the challenges Small Practices face &  we find powerful solutions to help! We’ve helped thousands of practices become more efficient, increase revenue, and most importantly-improve patient care.

Lots of Medisoft Gurus

We are NOT a one man show. We have specialized teams who know the software inside and out. Each team is highly qualified in their area- like Support, Training, Installation, IT… Let’s just say that the software companies come to us when they need help!

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Its  no secret that the happiest and most efficient Software users are those properly trained. So we make sure that our customers get the expert training they need & won’t find anywhere else- like Free Tips & Tricks videos on our blog, webinars, and our popular Training DVDs.

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