Unleash the Full Power of Medisoft with Medisoft Easy Claims™!

Medisoft Electronic Claims

Sending Electronic Claims in Medisoft Couldn’t Get Any Easier Thanks to AZCOMP’s Medisoft Easy Claims™!

What Easy Claims™ & The Preferred Medisoft Clearinghouse Does for You That No Other Clearinghouse Can:

  • Integrated Eligibility. With the Medisoft integrated clearinghouse, eligibility is automatic. Setup scheduling of eligibility batches and the eligibility will be ran on a routine basis without you clicking a single button. The patient eligibility will be placed in the patient case and in the appointment. Also run individual eligibility with the click of a couple buttons. No phone calls. No websites. No hassles!
  • Integrated Sending of Claims. Claims can be sent with 1 click. Reports of claim status are generated automatically and will show up in Medisoft without doing anything. Claim rejection reports will show up in Medisoft within 5 to 45 minutes, not 4 hours. No downloading batch files and then uploading them to external websites. It is all done automatically.
  • ERA’s Are Separated by Account. If you have multiple accounts (NPI numbers) in Medisoft, when ERA information is available, it will be separated by the NPI numbers. You’ll no longer need to manually separate any of this data.
  • Reports Are Automatically Downloaded. Anytime the clearinghouse has information that is to go back into Medisoft, such as reports or ERA’s, it will automatically show up in Medisoft. You no longer need to download anything from any other website and won’t have to upload it back into Medisoft. This is all a huge time savings, makes the process super simple, and eliminates the headaches.
  • Visibility of Claims Status. If you want to login to the clearinghouse website, you can get a much closer look at what stage the claim is in. You have total visibility of each claim.
  • Insurance Payer List. The Medisoft clearinghouse has an insurance payer list that is second to none. More of your claims go through electronically to more insurance payers than any other clearinghouse available.
  • No Batching Restrictions. Most other clearinghouses have restrictions on the number of claim batches that can be sent in a day or week. Not with our clearinghouse. You can send as many claims and in as many batches that you want. This gives you ultimate flexibility.
  • Open Revenue Management INSIDE of Medisoft
  • Revenue Management scrubs claims & produces ANSI 5010 Compliant Claims
  • Claims are electronically sent to AZCOMP’s clearinghouse
  • Claims are paid FASTER & rejected less!

AZCOMP’s Easy Claims™ is the most loved feature in Medisoft

It will produce any type of professional 837 (1500) or institutional 837I (UB04) claim file to any payor that accepts HIPAA compliant ANSI 5010 formats. It does not use print image.

If you like to get paid faster and work efficiently- then Yes you need to use Easy Claims™. Besides making the biller’s work MUCH easier- Revenue Management drastically reduces rejections due to the claim scrubbing. And workflow is much smoother because of the seamless integration Medisoft has set up with their preferred ClearingHouse.

Claims will be sent to AZCOMP’s preferred ClearingHouse or directly to the Payor.

You can still get the benefits of Revenue Management and have it send to your ClearingHouse- You will however miss out on the extra benefits of the complete integration that Medisoft has with its preferred ClearingHouse- as well as the benefit of one source when you need support. Call (888) 799-4777 to Purchase Revenue Management Configuration & Training.

Any carrier that accepts an ANSI 5010 (837 or 837I) claim file will accept Revenue Management Claims

No. Older versions of Medisoft do not include this feature. Versions 17 or newer have Revenue Management.

YES- and it will include the primary payment and adjustment information that was posted so you don’t have to send a paper EOB.

YES- it can also be used to post ERAs (Electronic EOBs) which will save you hours of data entry time.

There is a one time fee which covers setup, configuration, & training on Revenue Management. There is a monthly fee which covers the ClearingHouse. Call (888) 799-4777 for details on pricing.

“Couldn’t be any better unless we got cookies. Service is at least a 5 star or more. Sad to say we left AZCOMP for a short time but now we are back to stay. Once you have the best nothing else compares. The support team is out of this world. Don’t know what we would have done without Paul, Robbie, Shelly and Maggie just to name a few. We never have to wait for a call back with any type of issue we may be having. Love these guys. AZCOMP you are the best and we thank you.”

Drastically Reduce Rejections & Improve Cashflow with AZCOMP Easy Electronic Claims™

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