Medisoft Mobile is a free application for iPad and iPhone.

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With the Medisoft Mobile app, you can:

  • Electronically capture charges and diagnosis codes at the time of service and submit them directly into Medisoft (no more paper superbills!)
  • Submit claims to Medical Billing Professionals with a tab of the button
  • View your Office Hours schedule
  • View patient insurance information and balances due
  • SAVE on your fees with Medical Billing Professionals by using Medisoft Mobile
  • Send visit data to your biller electronically instead of getting a paper super bill to travel to the right place
  • Instead of being tethered to a monitor, view your schedule on your device wherever you are, whenever you want
  • Patient Intake – allow patients to self enter their information and your staff can compare that information to what is already in Medisoft before saving the information
  • Medical History Questionnaire is available for those on Medisoft Network Pro v22

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With Medisoft Mobile , at the time of service the provider or front desk staff will select the patient and choose which CPT codes to bill for that visits.

Providers have a choice of having daily claim submissions or weekly submissions (for some specialties, like psychiatry, you may want bi-weekly or monthly submissions).

Daily Claim Submission:

  • On a daily basis, MBP will generate a report of all transactions submitted from the Medisoft Mobile app since the last submission by our office.  MBP will email you this report.
  • For providers enmrolled for our PremiumPlus Service, you will report any copays paid on our Online Patient Payments Form.
  • MBP will then accurately enter and submit all charges.
  • For providers who request Daily Claim Submissions, a fee of $9.95 per submission (besides the per claim fee) will be charged. BY DEFAULT, PROVIDERS WILL BE SET FOR THE WEEKLY CLAIM SUBMISSION OPTION BELOW.  No per submission fee (besides the per claim fee) applies for Weekly Claim Submissions.

Weekly Claim Submission:

  • Looking to save money?  If you see patients more than once during a week, you may consider the weekly claim submission option.
  • With the weekly option, we will generate a report of all transactions submitted from the Medisoft Mobile app since the last submission by our office.  This report is grouped by patient.  What does that mean for you?  That means we may be able to get more than 1 visit for a patient during the week on a claim, saving you money.
  • For some specialties, like psychiatry, you may see a patient once a week every week.  You may request to have your billing done bi-weekly or monthly in order to have patient visits grouped together so you can save.
  • Like with the daily claim submission option, MBP will accurately enter and submit all charges, making any necessary corrections to incorrect/missing modifiers and incorrect procedure codes.
  • Claims will be submitted each week.  Providers who require an additional submission each week may request a supplemental submission ($9.95 supplemental submission fee applies besides the per claim fees).
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