Download Medisoft

Medisoft Version 22 Download

You can use the program for up to 30 days before you will be required to enter your serial number for registration (which we will send to you with purchase of Medisoft). Make sure to check out all the links to the side of the page with System Requirements, Installation Guide and more before you install.

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Installing Medisoft

If you need help getting started on the installation, watch this quick video for a little instruction. You can also use the Medisoft Version 22 Installation Guide as a reference.

The actual installation can be pretty challenging depending on how many computers you have, which model you purchased, and your network, etc. If you didn’t already purchase your installation from AZCOMP, we can make your world a whole lot easier by doing the installation for you. We’ve done 1000’s of Medisoft installations and we make it look easy.

(A Note to Medisoft Network Professional users: you will need your ADS serial number before you can install your new version of Medisoft onto your computer, and that number isn’t instantly available. Please contact AZCOMP’s registration department at (480) 730-3055 to get your serial number before installing the program.)

** To download Advantage Database Server for use with Network Professional Versions: Download Advantage Database 64-Bit   or you can go to the Advantage Database Website and select either 32-bit or 64-bit based on your operating system.

If you would like us to complete the installation for you, we’d love to do that! Please give us a call at (480) 730-3055.

Register Medisoft

Medisoft Registration

Register & Activate your Medisoft Medical Billing Software

You must register the program within 30 days of installation. If you don’t register within 30 days, it will lock you out of the program and you will not be allowed to use it until you have registered it. Your data won’t be deleted- you just won’t be able to access it until it is registered. After you register it the program will be unlocked and you will again have access to your data. So do yourself a favor and make sure to register it before the 30 days so you don’t get locked out of the program.

Easiest Way to Register Medisoft- within the program

On the Menu Bar inside Medisoft- Click Help + Register Program. Click Register.
Fill in the required information- your VAR Reseller is AZCOMP VAR#34053. (If you don’t put our name as the VAR then we will not be able to retrieve your registration information for you in the event that you lose your registration information and you will have to pay $100 to Medisoft for that information.)
Follow the next steps as guided.
After the Registration Information is received a registration code will be generated.
Register Medisoft Online

Follow this link > Register Medisoft

We suggest you keep the following information in a safe location:

Practice Name & Contact Name with the EXACT spelling and punctuation
Medisoft Serial Number
Registration Number
This information will be required to re-register Medisoft if you ever uninstall the program, change computers, or upgrade. If you do not have this information we suggest you call us- other re-sellers and eMDs will try to charge you for this information. We help with registration free of charge.

If you need further assistance with registration please contact us at 480.730.3055.

Medisoft Service Packs

Medisoft Service Packs and Hot Fixes

Medisoft Version 21 with SP2
Medisoft V21 SP2 Download

Medisoft Version 20
Medisoft V20 Download

Medisoft Version 20 Hotfix for Freezing on Startup with Windows 10
Have you upgraded to Windows 10? Medisoft v20 users may experience intermittent issues where the program freezes upon startup after their Windows 10 upgrade. If you are experiencing this problem, download and install this Medisoft v20 Hotfix.

Download >>> Medisoft v20 Hotfix

Medisoft Version 19 Service Pack 1:
In order to install Service Pack 1 (SP1) correctly, we highly recommend you use Internet Explorer to download and install this service pack. Internet Explorer makes it the easiest to do. Once you have clicked the below link, you must click “RUN” in order to install it onto your system.

Download >>> Medisoft v19 Service Pack 1 download

You must install this service pack 1 BEFORE you install Hot-Fix 1 (see below for HF1). If you have any doubts as to how to do this, please contact our support department at 480.497.7480 or the number provided to you for your support agreement.

This service pack was made available in February 2014. It addresses a number of issues. Please refer to our AZCOMP blog for an overview.

To view the Release Notes click here >>> Medisoft-19-SP1-Release-Notes

Medisoft Version 19 Service Pack 1 Hot-fix 1:
This hot-fix works only after service pack 1 (SP1) is installed. If you are on base version 19, you will need to download and install SP1 first (read above information about service pack 1).

In order to install this hot-fix 1 correctly, we highly recommend you use Internet Explorer to make your life easier. After you click this link just below, select the option to “RUN”, which will install it onto your system. If you have any doubts as to how to do this, please contact our support department at 480.497.7480 or the number provided to you for your support agreement.

Click here to download Hot-Fix 1 >>> Medisoft v19 Hotfix 1

This hot-fix was made available on April 18, 2014. It addresses the following known issues:

Audit trigger errors appearing during conversion of practice data
Slowness in Transaction Entry and Claims creation
The message “You must close the pop-up window” appears when trying to close the Transaction Entry screen
Reports printing slowly
ICD-9 codes incorrectly populating the ICD-10 code field in the Diagnosis Entry screen during conversion from releases prior to Medisoft v19
Users receiving floating pointer errors during printing and during conversion