Medisoft Clinical EHR

Keep what you know and LOVE what you get with Medisoft Clinical EHR

With Medisoft Clinical, you get all the benefits of Medisoft, plus a robust and award winning server based EHR system.

Increase Efficiency, Enhance Patient Care

Get a Fully-Integrated Electronic Health Record and Practice Management Software to Increase Efficiency & Enhance Patient Care

Do more for your patients while improving your bottom line with Medisoft Clinical, a certified electronic health record (EHR) and practice management solution.

Proven to work for practices nationwide, Medisoft Clinical improves productivity and helps you deliver better patient care for all practice specialties and of all sizes. The Medisoft Clinical system provides innovative tools to improve both office and clinical efficiency. These were specifically designed to efficiently manage today’s complex business requirements while prioritizing delivering better patient care.

The Medisoft Clinical system includes three programs, which are available individually or togethers: Patient Records, Medical Billing and the Appointment Scheduler.

The Benefits of Medisoft Clinical:

  • Simplify the billing process

  • Improve clinical and financial staff productivity

  • Manage your practice more efficiently

  • Enhance the quality of care

EHR Is Better for The Patient

  • Safer Prescribing

    EHR users are automatically notified of Adverse Drug Event (ADE) alerts or allergy alerts when writing prescriptions. They can also identify all patients who are taking a recalled drug within minutes.

  • Timely and Accurate Care

    EHR users can send referring providers lab results, current medications, and any information needed the same day. All the information they need is organized and at their fingertips.

  • Improved Lab Results

    With EHR, Lab results are discreet reportable data that can be used to generate reports and compare trends over time. Users are flagged when a patient hasn’t gone to the lab yet or their lab result comes back abnormal.

  • On Top of Health Maintenance

    Providers are automatically reminded in the exam room when a patient is due for preventative or disease-management services and are more likely to catch problems in earlier stages.

  • Access to Providers

    Because EHR makes providers more efficient, they can see more patients and patients can get in sooner to get help. With online messaging and access to patient charts, patients and providers can communicate more effectively with each other.

  • Protected Patient Charts

    If flood, fire, or a natural disaster were to strike, all the information in a patient’s chart could be easily recovered. An EHR provider could even have their practice back up and running at a different location within hours.

EHR Is Better for The Doctor

  • EHR Increases Productivity

    EHR automates the processes that are required to run your practice every day. Much of the busy work and filing associated with charting, reporting, lab and x-ray results, prescriptions and so much more is eliminated because the EHR does it all automatically.

  • EHR Improves Clinical Decision Making

    The tools within the EHR can assist doctors in making better decisions. These tools include things like a PDR-based medication dictionary providing doctors with Adverse Drug Event (ADE) alerts as well as generic drug and dosage recommendations. That is just one of many helpful tools.

  • EHR Increases Revenue

    EHR can increase your revenue by:

    • Increase the number of patients you can see in a day. Experienced physicians report an increase up to 33% in patient visits.
    • Eliminate down-coding. EHR improves insurance reimbursement because of better coding and billing procedures.
    • Enabling practices to add an additional physician without increasing the number of staff. In fact, since your chart room is now empty, you can convert that into an extra exam room.
    • Making billers more efficient. EHR eliminates tedious manual tasks and allows them to focus on revenue-generating activities, like collecting insurance payments.
  • EHR Improves Documentation

    EHRs provide physicians with access to a more complete and legible patient record. With digitized patient charts, reporting capabilities are expanded and data is available for research reports, statistics, drug recalls and patient marketing. EHR software also permits more than one user within the practice to access a patient’s chart at the same time, helping to ensure a more complete and accurate chart for each patient.

  • EHR Helps You Cut Operating Costs

    A traditional office has many unnecessary costs including:

    • Paper Chart Costs- purchasing folders, paper, stickers, ink, etc.
    • High Labor Costs due to system inefficiencies- copying, faxing, pulling, filing, and assembling paper charts.
    • Chart Storage Costs- office space, cabinets, and offsite storage.
    • Dictation Costs- Transcriptionist bill and the provider’s labor cost for time spent reviewing the transcriptions.
  • EHR Helps Deliver Better Care to Patients

    When you add up all the advantages, EHR does more than just help the practice, it helps improve patient care.

With EHR, providers can view trends over time and easily show those reports to the patients. Prescriptions are now safer. Providers can offer information to referring providers the same day. Providers can make better informed decisions regarding the patient’s wellbeing having all the updated information at their fingertips. All of this can result in delivering much better care for each patient.

To find out which EHR software is right for your practice, give us a call. Or, you can request a demo of both EHR’s so you can see for yourself.

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