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Training Videos

From Basic to Advanced Training Videos – You can get all of the Medisoft training you want!

Live Webinars

Access to our live monthly training webinars as well as previous webinar recordings.

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With easy, 24 / 7 online Access, you can learn whenever you want!

Become a Master

Go beyond “just getting by” on Medisoft. Become a master and impress your coworkers!

Training Categories

These are the training and exclusive content categories available for members:

Medisoft Basic Training Videos

A huge library of training videos showing you how to master the basics of Medisoft. Ideal for those new to Medisoft- or were never properly trained. A great start to make sure you setup the software properly and most efficiently.

Videos are broken up in short & simple clips so it is easy to follow along with and make sure you understand before moving to the next topic.

Medisoft Advanced Training Videos

These videos were created to help Medisoft users take the program to the next level- with topics meant for those more familiar and comfortable with the software. Dive a little deeper and learn about how to properly use some of the powerful features in Medisoft.

Advanced training topics include Quick Ledger, Final Draft, Small Balance Write-Off, Statement Management, and More!

ICD-10 Videos 

Even though ICD-10 went into effect a bit ago- we still get tons of questions from Medisoft users. These videos help users know how to properly setup for ICD-10, how to convert from ICD-9, and tons of tips and tricks for making it a smooth transition.

The videos also cover how to correct the most common errors Medisoft users are having because of ICD-10.

Medisoft U Webinar Recordings

Each month we hold different webinars as part of our Medisoft University. We know that you can’t make everyone- or that sometimes you want to go back and watch the webinar again. Here is where you can find the recordings from our Medisoft U Monthly Webinars.

Webinars are a “Power Hour” where a trainer dives deep on 1-2 topics and answers questions from attendees. These webinars are what make Medisoft Masters!

Medisoft U Bonus Area

Sometimes we have something exciting that we want to throw in the Medisoft University that isn’t part of our typical categories. We like to add these extra videos to our Exclusive Bonus Area!

Medisoft U Smart Business Series

Need something a little extra? The Smart Business Series is a great way to see which products integrate with Medisoft and how you can use these to be super efficient in your practice and increase revenue. Join us every other month for FREE webinars!

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I have to say, the service has been wonderful from the onset with Azcomp—so happy we made the change. Thank you again for taking care of us. The doctor is really impresses and appreciative!
We can’t do our job without all of you. You are all professional and experts at what you do. We tell your rival companies that no one… and we mean no one can compare!
Prior to Azcomp, I had many bad experiences with other resellers. We had such a wonderful experience with our Azcomp technician. He was excellent, patient and very resourceful. I’m sure we made the correct decision to have your company as our support. Now we feel confident that we are in good hands.
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