Converting Statements for use with Statement Management in Medisoft

Medisoft Quick Tip: How To Convert A Statement For Use With Statement Management

1. Click on Reports -> Design Custom Reports and Bills.

convert stmnts1

2. The Medisoft Report Designer will launch. Click File -> Open Report.

convert stmnts2

3. From the Open Report window select “Statement” from the “Show Report Style” selection, select the desired statement to edit and click OK.

convert stmnts3

4. The selected statement will open; Click File -> Report Properties.

convert stmnts4

5. From the Report Properties window click the “Convert” button.

convert stmnts5

6. Click “OK” from the Convert Statement window. *It is not recommended that “Delete copy of the old Statement file” be selected at this point in the event something undesired occurs; the original statement can be deleted at any time from Tools -> Add/Copy User Reports.

convert stmnts6

7. You will receive a confirmation message that the Statement converted successfully, click OK. And close the Medisoft Report Designer.

convert stmnts7

8. The report will now be available for use in Statement Management

convert stmnts8

Merging Patient Charts in Medisoft

How to Merge Patient Charts in Medisoft Medical Billing Software:

If you’ve ever come across a duplicate chart in Medisoft then this tutorial will make your life a bit easier!

Begin by inactivating the duplicate chart in Medisoft



Next you will go to Clinical and begin the merge there





After hitting OK the merge will run and you will most likely get a message that there was duplicate information that was not copied, that is normal. When all is done, search the charts and the “From Patient” chart should no longer be there.

Medisoft Quick Tip: What’s the Default?

Medisoft allows you to set defaults. Make your office more efficient and spend less time entering patient demographics and case details.

See why this feature is very useful and shouldn’t be ignored.

Check out this short video and also learn a really cool hidden Medisoft trick!

If that video doesnt’ work- here is the direct link How to Set Defaults in Medisoft

What is the best way to sent patient statements?

Most Widely Used Add-on for Medisoft and Lytec


Check out this short video and you will quickly see why Billflash is by far the most widely used and loved add-on for Medisoft and Lytec users. 

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McKesson Practice Choice EMR Implementation & Training

McKesson Practice Choice EMR Implementation & Training

Implementing EMR has never been easier or quicker thanks to Practice Choice. This EMR & PM Software is so intuitive and easy to use- you’ll love how quickly you’re up and running on this system.

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Practice Choice Implementation & Training Hours and Prices:

Quoted per Provider based on Subscription Package Selected

  • Standard Package 1st Provider, 24 Hours- $4,100
  • Connect Package 1st Provider, 26 Hours- $4,400
  • Premium Package 1st Provider, 28 Hours- $4,700
  • Additional Provider any Package, 8 Hours- $1,450

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The implementation for Practice Choice is all done remotely via Microsoft Live Meeting or McKesson’s support portal. Also, during the implementation, practices will have access to online training videos.

Most Widely Used Add-on for Medisoft

Everyone has to send medisoft patient statements- but what is the best way?

Check out this short video and you will quickly see why Billflash is by far the most widely used and loved add-on for Medisoft users.