Lytec Model Comparison

Advanced ICD-10 Code Search UtilityXXX
Practice Cleanup UtilityXXX
Integrated Appointment Reminder ToolXXX
Online Appointment Scheduling ToolX

ICD-10 Readiness

Support for ICD-10 Diagnosis CodesXXX
Advanced ICD-10 Code Search Tool (New in V21!)XXX

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Integration

Basic Patient Demographic and Appointment Feed from Practice Management System to EHRX
Electronic Encounter Form Feed of Transactions to Practice Management SystemX
Customizable HL7 Interfaces with EHRX
Enhanced One-way Clinical Data Flow From Practice Management
System to EHR via Updated A04 and A08 Patient Message: (Phone Number, Cell Phone, E-mail Address, New Insurance Carriers, New Referring Physicians)
Appointment Status Updates Sent via Bi-directional Data ExchangeX
MPIC v2.0 replaces Communication ManagerX


Automatic Re-bill for ClaimsXXX
Aging View in Transaction EntryXXX
UB-04 Paper and Print ImageXXX
Custom Dates on ERA PostingXXX
Remittance Tracking for Secondary ClaimsXX
Revenue Management (integrated electronic claims solution that improves claim, eligibility and remittance processing)XXX
Customizable and Flexible Grid Entries for Insurance Carriers, Providers, Your Practice and Your Data Requirements (improves claim generation)XXX
Eligibility Data Entry and Processing Logic (gives greater control and the ability to manage payor IDs)XXX
Ability to Define When the System Checks for Eligibility Updates (enhanced system performance)XXX
Enhanced Search Filters in Payor ID Lookup Window (includes ability to add, edit and delete a record)XXX
Changes Made to Comply with the ANSI X12 Version 5010 Standards for the Transmission of Specific Healthcare Transactions
– New Windows or Tabs: EDI Note Tab on Edit Claim Window; EDI Notes List Window; EDI Note WindowXXX
– Several Fields Moved and Windows Restructured to Accommodate Moved FieldsXXX
– Several New Fields Added Throughout MedisoftXXX
– Option for UB-04 Condition Codes Moved to Main Lists MenuXXX
Revenue Management electronic remittance advice (ERA) processing updates to comply with ANSI-5010
– Updates to the RelayHealth Implementation Guide (IG)XXX
– New Remittance Delivery Method (RDM) Elements Added to Loop 1000BXXX
– New Coverage Expiration Date (DTM) element added to explain that coverage was denied because the patient’s coverage has expiredXXX
– New Claim Received Date Elements (DTM) added in Loop 2100 so that they are recognized if they are receivedXXX
– Updates Made to the Claim Preview Report and Claim Details ReportXXX
Revenue Management Enhancements (to reduce the number of clicks to perform certain tasks, and simplify the setup and configurationXXX
Insurance Groupings for Reporting and AnalysisXX
Security Assignments Same for Insurance and Eligibility (streamlines eligibility security and access)XX

Accounting and Billing

Practice cleanup utility for adjusting off aged balances (New for Version 21!)XXX
Customized Aging BucketsXXX
Withhold Code Type for Procedure CodesXXX
Automatic Re-Bill for ClaimsXXX
Deactivate CodesXX
Global Days (surgical billing)XXX
Billing for up to 12 Diagnosis CodesXXX
Integrated Electronic Eligibility CheckingXX
Multi-Link Treatment PlansXX
Serialized SuperbillisXX
Color-Coding Transactions and Quick LedgerXX
Dunning Messages for StatementsXX
Statement ManagementXX
Cycle BillingXX
Rules-Based Collection WorklistXX
Task or Date-driven Collection WorkflowXX
On-Demand Collection LettersXX
Automatic Recalculation of Patient Remainder BalanceXX
Automatic Small Balance Write-offsXX
Missed Copay TrackingXX
Unprocessed Transactions (holding tank)XX
Missed Copay Remainder StatementXX
Small Balance Write-off by Statement Submission CountXX
Statement Manager Remainder Balance DisplayXX
Collection List Link to Quick LedgerXX
Deposit List Detail PrintXX
Integration with BillFlash from NexTrust (Automate Patient Billing and Payments)
– Send professional patient statements by email, mail or bothXXX
– Option to color code statementsXXX
– Quick access to view sent statements from the patient’s account in Medisoft- see exactly what they receivedXXX
– Run credit cards and e-checks through Medisoft eliminating double entry and reducing human errorXXX
– Patients can pay bills online 24/7 through a secure websiteXXX
– Setup payment plans and schedule autopay to run chargesXXX
– Ability to store payment information to automatically run charges for patient balances when statements are sentXXX
– Patient payments made online import directly into the deposit list in Medisoft for postingXX


Export to Microsoft ExcelXXX
Case Billing Code Filter on Standard ReportsXXX
File Maintenance Progress ReportingXXX
Print Blank SuperbillsXXX
Electronic Transaction Reporting (helps manage electronic transactions related to verifying insurance eligibility and submitting claims)XXX
Audit Reports (tracks reporting and exporting of data)XXX
Facility ReportXX
Quick Receipt and Quick StatementXX
Patient Collections ReportsXX
Insurance Collections ReportsXX
Unapplied Copayment ReportXX
Standard Patient by Insurance ReportXX
Standard Patient by Diagnosis ReportXX
Standard Patient by Procedure ReportXX
Dashboard – TotalsXX
Dashboard – TrendingXX
Medisoft Reports Professional (formerly Focus Reports Standard) – Includes reports previously available in Medisoft plus more than 200 additional reportsXX
Ability to Customize ReportsXX


Security Added to MediUtilsXXX
Auto Log-OffXXX
Warning on Unapproved CodesXXX
Unique Identifier FieldsXXX
ANSI Standard Electronic ClaimsXXX
HIPAA Security ReadyXXX
Rules-based Password ManagementXXX
User Access History ReportingXXX
Multi-level Trigger ManagementXXX
5 Levels of Permissions and SecurityXX
Print Permissions GridXX
Security Permissions on ReportsXX
Global SecurityXX
Integrated Reporting SecurityXX


Customizable ToolBarXXX
Option to Display SubtotalsXXX
Warning on Duplicate PatientXXX
Auto Tax EntryXXX
Streamlined Transaction EntryXXX
Field Data CheckingXXX
Show Remainder When Applying PaymentsXXX
Apply to Oldest When Applying PaymentsXXX
Select Multiple Claims to Print or ReprintXXX
Enter Payments Directly from Office Hours ProfessionalXXX
Audit Generator with Chart Number FilteringXXX
Multi-practice ConversionXXX
Scheduled File MaintenanceXXX
Updated User InterfaceXXX
Customizable ToolBar in Office HoursXXX
Set Default Data FieldsXX
Customized Data ScreensXX
One-Click to Change Responsibility for TransactionsXX
Patient FlaggingXX
Streamlined Quick Ledger ViewXX
Rules-based Worklist for Daily Office TasksXX
Patient Quick EntryXX
Dashboard – WarningsXX
Last Selected Chart Number Hot-KeysXX
Default Printer Options for Custom ReportsXX
Transaction Entry Sortable GridsXX
Customizable Transaction Sort on Patient StatementsXX
Edit/Enter Patient Notes from Quick LedgerXX
Claim Management Sorting SaveXX
Dashboard – Logged-In Users UtilityX
DVD Install (Clinical)X

Special Features

Online Appointment Scheduling (New in Version 21!)X
Integrated Appointment Reminder System (New in Version 21!)XXX
Online UpdatesXXX
Integrates with Microsoft ExcelXXX
Data Export/ImportXXX
HL7 InterfaceXXX
Office Hours Professional Included with Product (registration occurs at the same time Medisoft is registered)XXX
Integrated DashboardXX
Workflow AdministratorXX
Standard Integrated Word ProcessorXX
Standard Chart Number Change UtilityXX
Office MessengerX
Multimedia File StorageX
Patient ArchivingX
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