Unleash the Full Power of Lytec with these Add-ons:

Lytec Easy Claims

Sending Electronic Claims Couldn’t Get Any Easier Thanks to AZCOMP’s Lytec Easy Claims™!

What Easy Claims™ Does for You:

  • Sends Claims Electronically straight from Lytec in ANSI format without leaving the software. Reports also auto download same day back into Lytec. No Website to upload or download to.
  • Scrubs Claims to check & make sure each one meets all ANSI 5010 requirements. Claims are flagged with- passed, warning, or error, allowing you to fix any problems before you send it, drastically reducing rejections!
  • Flexible ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) downloads directly to Lytec to give you complete control over which line items to post & what posting codes to use. Saves Hours of Data Entry Time. Receive ERAs up to a week sooner than paper EOBs!
  • Seamless Integration between Lytec & the ClearingHouse. Keeps ALL your claims, reports, & posted payments/adjustments nice & tidy right inside Lytec without having to upload or download to a website! Can we say- TIME SAVER!
  • Eligibility Verification verify & check patient eligibility (before a service is performed) without leaving the software (just 3 clicks in Lytec!) Plus- save a copy of the Eligibility Response in the patient’s chart.
  • Faster Turnaround gets your money from the payor in the shortest time possible (generally within 4 – 10 days instead of 2 months)! And if there is a rejection you will know the next day! That’s what we call- Improving Cash Flow.
  • Open Revenue Management INSIDE or Lytec
  • Revenue Management scrubs claims & produces ANSI 5010 Compliant Claims
  • Claims are electronically sent to AZCOMP’s clearinghouse
  • Claims are paid FASTER & rejected less!

AZCOMP’s Easy Claims™ is THE Most Loved Feature in Lytec.

It will produce any type of professional 837 (1500) or institutional 837I (UB04) claim file to any payor that accepts HIPAA compliant ANSI 5010 formats.It does not use print image.

If you like to get paid faster and work efficiently- then Yes you need to use Easy Claims™. Besides making the biller’s work MUCH easier- Revenue Management drastically reduces rejections due to the claim scrubbing. And workflow is much smoother because of the seamless integration Lytec has set up with their preferred ClearingHouse.

Claims will be sent to AZCOMP’s preferred ClearingHouse or directly to the Payor.

You can still get the benefits of Revenue Management and have it send to your ClearingHouse- You will however miss out on the extra benefits of the complete integration that Lytec has with its preferred ClearingHouse- as well as the benefit of one source when you need support. Call (888) 799-4777 to Purchase Revenue Management Configuration & Training.

Any carrier that accepts an ANSI 5010 (837 or 837I) claim file will accept Revenue Management Claims

No. Older versions of Lytec do not include this feature. Versions 2011 or newer have Revenue Management.

YES- and it will include the primary payment and adjustment information that was posted so you don’t have to send a paper EOB.

YES- it can also be used to post ERAs (Electronic EOBs) which will save you hours of data entry time.

There is a one time fee which covers setup, configuration, & training on Revenue Management. There is a monthly fee which covers the ClearingHouse. Call (888) 799-4777 for details on pricing.

“Couldn’t be any better unless we got cookies. Service is at least a 5 star or more. Sad to say we left AZCOMP for a short time but now we are back to stay. Once you have the best nothing else compares. The support team is out of this world. Don’t know what we would have done without Paul, Robbie, Shelly and Maggie just to name a few. We never have to wait for a call back with any type of issue we may be having. Love these guys. AZCOMP you are the best and we thank you.”

Drastically Reduce Rejections & Improve Cashflow with AZCOMP Easy Electronic Claims™

Automatic Appointment Reminders

The best way to remind your patients of their appointments is to integrate AutoRemind with Lytec.

Please Tell Me You’re Not Paying Staff to Remind Patients About Appointments! Or Worse- You’re Not Reminding Them At All!

There is a better way to reduce missed appointments and avoid lost revenue. The solution is AutoRemind- Lytec’s Appointment Reminder System.

  • Remind patients using text, email or phone
  • It confirms or reschedules based on patient’s response
  • It automatically updates your schedule
  • You drastically reduce no-shows & lost revenue
  • Pulls info from your scheduling software
  • Automatically reminds via text, email, or phone call
  • Patients easily confirm, cancel, or reschedule
  • Automatically updates the schedule
  • Reduces missed appointments & increases revenue

Why Practices Love AutoRemind

It’s Cheaper – It costs way more to pay staff to manually call every appointment.

It’s More Effective – Leaving a message on the home answering machine is not nearly as effective as sending a text or email directly to their phone. And any phone calls made are done automatically and can be scheduled after hours, when the patients are actually at their house!

It Requires Zero Time – Staff won’t have to lift a finger and all the reminders will automatically happen every day!

It’s Customizable – The Caller ID can show your practice info. Emails can be customized with your logo and pictures. And, much more!

“We used to spend 3 hours calling all our patients each day! AutoRemind is quick, easy, and simple. It works great!”

Try AutoRemind for 30 days – completely Free!

Patient Statements & Payments (Getting Paid)

Get Paid Quicker & Easier with Lytec Patient Statement & Payments Tool

Wouldn’t you rather send all your statements in minutes instead of days? Wouldn’t you love to give your patients the option to easily pay their bills online? BillFlash for Lytec is helping you to get paid!

  • BillFlash is built into Lytec and is the preferred method for sending professional patient statements, and collecting patient payments.
  • Automatically send professional and easy to understand patient statements through the mail.
  • Automatically send professional and easy to understand patient statements via email.
  • Patients can pay online through the secure website myproviderlink.com. When patients pay with this method, the transaction will post directly to your Lytec within the patients account.
  • Patients can also pay over the phone or while in the office. Or they could still mail a check if that is their preferred method.
  • You can setup recurring payments or payment plans with your patients through BillFlash.
  • You submit ALL your statements with a few clicks
  • Billflash sends your statements the next day
  • Patients receive statements
  • Patients pay their bills online
  • Payments show in your billing software

Why Practices Love BillFlash

Its Lower Cost

You can’t beat 27¢ a statement (plus postage). The cost to produce a statement yourself is much higher- labor, ink, paper, envelopes, stamps… that adds up fast.

Its Way Faster

Hands Down- it is much quicker to click a couple of times than it is to print, fold, stuff, seal, and mail each statement.


See the exact statement that went out to a customer! Then, if a customer calls in you can easily answer their questions.

Professional Look

Professional statements catch more attention from patients and the collection rate is higher than in house statements.

Online Payments

Practices don’t have to wait for a check to mail in, go to the bank to deposit checks, or deal with bounced checks.

Payment Schedules

Practices can setup a payment plan or a schedule of payments, making it easier to work with their patients and to keep the accounting in Lytec simple.

Why Patients Love BillFlash

Pay Online

Patients pay quickly and are more likely to pay because they can use their credit card and pay online immediately.

View Past Payments

Patients can go online and see all the payments they have made to the practice as well as the statement it was for.

Easy to Understand

Clear statements make it easy for patients to understand what the bill is for. Providers report that patient questions dramatically decreased.

Option for Paper or Email

Some patients love to get a hard copy in the mail and some prefer email- you have the option of which one works best.

Return Envelope Included

A return envelope is included and makes it that much easier for patients to pay. Simple but surprisingly effective.

Recent Statements

Because it’s easier to send statements, patients get them quickly & are more likely to remember the appointment & pay.

“BillFlash is the Best Thing we have ever done in our practice! It saves our staff so much time. I love getting the mail and seeing all the blue envelopes with patient payments.”

No Contract. No Setup Fees. Get Started Today!

Lytec Reports Professional

Enhance the power of Lytec reporting with Lytec Reports Pro.

Report Editing and Printing

With Reports Pro, you get access to portions of the developer software which allows you to customize any Medisoft report so you can manipulate it the way you need it for your practice. Your ability to print reports is also included.

Run and Deliver Reports on a Schedule

With Reports Pro, you have the capability to schedule any of your reports to run on a schedule. For example, you could schedule your patient payment aging report to run on the first day of each week and program that report to be emailed to you, or just sent straight to your printer when it runs.

Get More Information and Pricing by calling (480) 730-3055.

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