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Upgrade to Lytec 2024

For the ultimate in efficiency, productivity, and profit maximization, upgrade to Lytec 2024. And, with AZCOMP as your Lytec partner, you’ll feel confident in all things Lytec.

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Lytec 2023

Automatic creation of charges in pending transactions from completed appointments. Make a resource inactive in the Appointment Scheduler. Create practice options to opt in / opt out to any or all contact preferences for CGM Connection. Add saved notes for user selection in the reference field in the pay item and detail line (charges & payments). Display co-pay, co-insurance and remaining deductible from eMEDIX eligibility response. Add USCDI demographic data fields to CGM Lytec + CGM Aprima Interface.

Lytec 2022

Reporting for payments matching date of service. Modifications to stay compliant with 21st Century Cures Act reporting and demographic requirements. Monitor practice performance with a financial KPI dashboard. Analyze visit data with patient encounters KPI dashboard. Workflow to prevent printing and export of inactive items and patients. Enhanced practice security with new password requirements. Integrate your schedule with a robust patient reminder tool (CGM Connection).

Lytec 2021

OCR scanning is the most important scanning feature you never knew you needed. Enhanced ICD-10 Search tools powered by IMO terminology. Demographic information can be requested on real-time eligibility checks. Fewer clicks for real-time eligibility checks. Bill with more accuracy – you can accept additional diagnosis codes in pending transactions from Practice Partner. Charges & payments screen gets multiple workflow improvements. Custom color coding for quick identification of patient types in patient lookup grids. Address data storage limit concerns with SQL server FileStream. EHR interface with eMDs award-winning Aprima solution.

Lytec 2020

Duplex scanning capability and full-page scans viewing. Timely filing and appointment date filters in AR Tracker. Enhanced eligibility response displays. Patient balance field on custom displayed and printed appointment schedule. New filters and enhancements to Patient Connect. New charge entry messaging capabilities adding missing data test parameters. Multiple Mobile App enhancements.

Lytec 2019

New move credits workflow to eliminate manual tasks and risk. Boost your bottom line with new patient engagement tool. Keep your staff productive and happy with customized appointment schedules. Streamline processes, save time with the AR Tracker refresh button. Reduce duplicate patient records. Never receive a timely filing denial again. Get all your hold codes in one shot. More flexibility posting patient payments, no matter the method. Patient responsibility at your fingertips.

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For the ultimate in efficiency, productivity, and profit maximization, upgrade to Lytec 2023. And, with AZCOMP as your Lytec partner, you’ll feel confident in all things Lytec.

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