Lytec 2020

Lytec 2020 – Proven, Trusted, Affordable Practice Management

This latest release of Lytec, Lytec 2020, is more powerful and more useful than ever before. Lytec 2020 will help your practice become more efficient and productive allowing your practice to collect more and with less effort.

Lytec Monthly

Shouldn’t the Cost of Lytec Software Include Training, Coaching, Support, and Installation?

Lytec Monthly™ is a low cost monthly plan that includes Lytec Software, PLUS- Installations, Unlimited Support, Training, Coaching and More!

You’re Going to Love These New Features Within Lytec 2020

Major Scanning Changes

Lytec 2020 offers new Duplex scanning capability and a changed scan view to allow full-page scans viewing.

Multiple Mobile App Enhancements

Both back-end development upgrades and numerous new feature capabilities from selecting a case at time of creating charges in Superbill, select a case from the review charges page, and select a case at time of creating the appointment. You can also now pull Diagnosis from Lytec Permanent Diagnosis and display on patient preview area. Lytec 2020 has added the ability to edit or delete an existing single appointment. The mobile app can also display a breakdown of the individual patient’s remainder balances which comprise the Guarantor balance, view additional insurance information on patient card – including their policy information, as well as add a middle initial to all patient names on charge pages, search patient results and new appointments for more accurate identification. Updated features include adding facility code to Description display for easier and accurate Facility choice. Lastly, the ability to to save Mobile Templates, intake forms, custom medical history questionnaire, and superbills in user-customized folder locations for more privacy and separation for customers in a hosted configurations.

Add Enhanced Eligibility Response Displays

Now much more readable and useful along with expanding sections for easier information access.

New Timely Filing and Appointment Dates Filters in AR Tracker

More flexibility in tracking claim timely filing and with tracking balances on incoming patients on the schedule.

New Patient Balance

Add Patient Portion Balance field on both custom displayed and printed Appointments Schedule for Increased Collections.

Enhance Patient Connect

Added new filters and usability. Emphasize Patient Engagement.

New Charge Entry Messaging Capability

Adding ‘missing’ data test parameters for customized pop-up messages during billing.

Defect Fixes

Multiple higher priority defects

Microsoft Windows 10 Supported

Lytec 2019 is fully compatible and supported to work with Microsoft Windows 10.

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