Lytec 2018

Lytec 2018 is the best version that has ever been released!

Lytec is one of the most popular and affordable medical billing programs available for practice management. Loaded with new features, Lytec 2018 will allow you to efficiently and effectively manage your schedule, manage your claims, and will help to streamline the revenue cycle with your patients.
Lytec Monthly

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You’re Going to Love These New Features Within Lytec 2018

Lytec is already among of the most popular practice management systems on the market. It gets better each year as new layers of functionality and improved usability are added. Here are just a few notable additions:

Accounts Receivable Tracker

Lytec 2018 offers practices the ability to focus into their patient and insurance accounts receivables and do follow ups on any outstanding claims or statements. This drill down functionality will make the AR process easy and convenient. With custom views that can be saved, each staff member can have their own unique view that represents their work day. You can filter your AR tracking tool by so many different values to help narrow the scope of your work to only the claims or statements that you are looking for.

Enhanced Eligibility Checking

With the shift of payment responsibility over to patients, it’s more important than ever before to get up to date eligibility and benefits information at or before the time of service. eMDs has invested in major upgrades to the eligibility checking system in Lytec 2018, including better automation and more EDI partners to work with.

Payment Processing Improvements

Batch posting of remittances has been upgraded to allow you to save and suspend posting in the middle of a batch and then pick it up again later. In addition, you can now print an EOB for a single claim, and  new filtering options make it easier to find claims that are ready to post and make you more efficient.

Support for New Medicare Identifier Numbers (MBI)

In 2018, a regulatory requirement to issue new Medicare identifiers to patients will begin. Lytec 2018 will support the transition to the Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) to ensure support for your practice with Medicare claims, claim status, eligibility status, and payment. Lytec 2018 will provide enhancements to prevent mistyping the number.  Additional enhancements provide alerts in scheduling and transaction entry if an MBI hasn’t been collected yet for Medicare insurance/patients.

Claim Status Checking

In Lytec 2018, you can now initiate a true claim status check through your clearinghouse and receive an electronic response that updates the status of claims. Making it even easier to know when you are getting paid!

Expanded Lytec Mobile Functionality

Lytec Mobile has been given an over-haul in the 2018 version. It now includes a brand-new user interface, new levels of customization for your superbills and patient questionnaires, as well as support for Apple iPhone and iPad.

Advanced ICD-10 Search Tool

This tool will help billers find the most specific code available, and quickly!  The natural language query included will allow Lytec users to search by code or description and then set filters to narrow the code. The visual search function can be accessed directly from within your Lytec software, and allows users to also click on anatomical diagrams.

Coding Edits

New customizable coding edits at the time of charge entry help you generate cleaner claims, reduce rework time, and get paid faster.

Integrated Appointment Reminder System

Lytec is more tightly integrated with the AutoRemind service, and drastically reduces no-shows. AutoRemind is proven to cost less and be more effective than making phone calls during business hours.

With this service, you can send automated appointment reminders to patients via secure emails, text messages or even via automated phone calls at a time that is convenient to your patients. Patients can confirm their appointments and you will see the appointment status update in Lytec.

AutoRemind can also be used for recalls, birthdays, and other patient engagement and marketing purposes.

Get more out of your program and help keep patients from missing their appointments with AutoRemind!

*Get a FREE 30-day trial of the Appointment Reminder System! Additional Fees May Apply.

Microsoft Windows 10 Supported

Lytec 2018 is fully compatible and supported to work with Microsoft Windows 10.

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