Lytec EDI for Your Electronic Claims

Sending Claims in Lytec & Getting Paid Quickly Couldn’t Get Any Easier Than With The Lytec Clearinghouse


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Sending claims and getting paid shouldn’t be such a headache

  • You’re spending too much time managing spreadsheets
  • Claims are rejected when they shouldn’t be
  • Applying payments to your patients is sort of a nightmare
  • Getting paid takes too long and is hurting your cash flow

Put these headaches behind you once and for all by switching to the Lytec clearinghouse

The Lytec clearinghouse helps you reduce rejections, get paid faster and improve cash flow

You’ll thank yourself after making the switch to Lytec’s clearinghouse because of how much easier it is to manage the entire claims process and because of how much faster you’ll get paid. It’s amazing!

What the Lytec clearinghouse does for you that no other clearinghouse can do:

  • Integrated Eligibility

    With the Lytec clearinghouse, eligibility is automatic. Setup scheduling of eligibility batches and the eligibility will run on a routine basis without you clicking a single button. The patient eligibility will be placed in the patient case and in the appointment. Also, run individual eligibility with the click of a couple of buttons. No phone calls. No websites. No hassles!

  • Integrated Sending Claims

    Claims can be sent with 1 click. Reports of claim status are generated automatically and will show up in Lytec without doing anything. Claim rejection reports will show up in Lytec within 5 to 45 minutes, not 4 hours. No downloading batch files and then uploading them to external websites. It is all done automatically.

  • ERA’s Are Separated by Account

    If you have multiple accounts (NPI numbers) in Lytec, when ERA information is available, it will be separated by the NPI numbers. You’ll no longer need to manually separate any of this data.

  • Automated Reports

    Anytime the clearinghouse has information that is to go back into Lytec, such as reports or ERA’s, it will automatically show up in Lytec. You no longer need to download anything from any other website and won’t have to upload it back into Lytec. This is a huge time saver and makes the process super simple.

  • No Batching Restrictions

    Most other clearinghouses have restrictions on the number of claim batches that can be sent in a day or week. Not with the Lytec clearinghouse. You can send as many claims in as many batches as you want. This gives you ultimate flexibility.

Give your team the best possible tools for the best and fastest results

Sign up for the Lytec clearinghouse

Our implementation team will get you setup and trained

Enjoy a more effective process & improved cash flow


We’re here to help your practice thrive

AZCOMP has helped thousands of medical practices maximize their billing process since 2000. Whether you need to optimize your operations, your cash flow, or get technical help, we’ll partner with you to find the right technology to reach your business goals.

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5 star reviews

Our office has been with AZCOMP for years. They always are extremely professional, and go out of their way to assist us. Everyone I’ve spoken with has been fantastic. Today I was shown how I can better use the software to help with collections. This is going to save our office countless staff hours and hopefully increase our income. If you are having issues with medisoft I would highly recommend you call them.

– Grace

We recently moved to AZCOMP as our new VAR last month. In my 30 years of running a clinic, AZCOMP deserves more than 5 stars. No matter who I talk to in their office, we been thoroughly impressed. In addition to their competence, they are patient and responsive to our needs, and their professionalism is unmatched. They call back quickly and answer their phones like we are their only customers. I truly feel AZCOMP is our partner in business.

– Mary Jo

I have had Medisoft Billing software from AZCOMP since the beginning. Since then, I have been through many upgrades and conversions. The entire staff has been great to work with for all these years. If you haven’t had the pleasure of using AZCOMP products, do yourself a favor…talk to them and let them show you how they can make your practice more efficient with less work and worry.

– Randy

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