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Lytec has been an industry leader in practice management and medical billing software for the last two decades now.

Lytec is designed to support Independent Physicians, and is a proven practice management solution that offers an all-in-one interface combining scheduling and billing functions as well as integrated revenue management capabilities. However, Lytec is so much more than just a scheduling and billing program. With Lytec MD EHR, you will have access to both the practice management system and an advanced electronic health record solution giving your practice the tools needed to succeed in the complexity of today’s healthcare environment.

The Best Combination of Technology and Support

In today’s ever changing healthcare environment, delivering the best patient care while improving and growing your practice can be a huge challenge. You need a technology, and partner such as AZCOMP that will help you to deliver the best patient care without sacrificing revenue, profitability, or efficiency in order to succeed.


Why Choose Lytec?

Better Patient Care

Operates in an efficient, and streamlined process so you can focus on your patients.

Complete Practice Management

Has all the tools needed to organize a complex schedule with multiple providers, and effectively manage the claims process and keep accurate records on all your patients.

Time Saving Tools

In small practices, every dollar counts. Lytec has built in tools and features that will help you to get more done in less time. Allowing you to focus more on improving patient care.

Lytec Monthly

Shouldn’t the cost of Software Include Training, Support & Installation?

Lytec Monthly™ is something our physician offices have been asking about for years. They have asked for a solution where the practice pays one low monthly price and we keep them on the latest version, we install the program for them, we provide unlimited technical support and a little bit of training.

Lytec Monthly™ is finally here and our customers love it. We know you’ll love it too.

Choose the Lytec 2020 Model that’s right for your practice:

Single User

The perfect match for the offices with one user. With single user you have all the basic functionality needed to schedule and complete primary billing functions.


For installation on a network with up to 5 computers. Packed with all the functionality needed to manage the full revenue cycle for your practice, and loaded with advanced features.


For installation on a network with a dedicated server and for up to 100 users! Lytec Client Server is perfect for a larger practice, and loaded with advanced features.


These features are available in all our Lytec 2020 Models:


    Lytec scheduling allows for easy schedule management for a single provider at a single location all the way to multiple providers and multiple locations.


    Manage individual patient accounts by entering in transactions and post payments for services rendered or products. Easily separate out charges and payments based on different billing scenarios such as cash pay visits, different insurance plans, or workers compensation.


    Send electronic claims and manage the entire claims cycle with Revenue Management. Prior to seeing a patient check insurance eligibility! Prior to sending a claim Lytec will scrub the claim to check for accuracy decreasing the amount of denials!


    Understand the financial health of your practice through a variety of reports including day sheets, aging, and practice analysis reports.

  • ICD-10 READY

    Capture procedure & diagnosis codes using ICD-10 codes, and can simultaneously use ICD-9 codes for those payers that haven’t switched yet. In a brand new feature for 2017, also perform advanced ICD-10 code search. Its an easy way to search the entire ICD-10 code library using multiple terms and filters to narrow down to the most specific diagnosis code, and then pull it straight into Lytec.

Take advantage of these additional features
available in our Professional and Client Server Lytec Models:


    • Track Insurance Allowed Amounts
    • Manage Multiple Fee Schedules
    • Bulk Payment Posting
    • Easily Manage Patient Statements
    • Patient Remainder Statements
    • Collection List
    • Visual Alerts

    Manage your electronic superbill with your mobile device, add new patients while out of the office, perform patient check-in through the lytec mobile app.


    Go beyond the basics to gain insight that providers need to make informed decisions and properly plan for the future of the practice. Have more power when negotiating insurance contracts with insights such as which insurances have the highest reimbursement rates, and how long it takes them on average to pay a claim, and what percentage of the total business is attributed to each insurance. Managers can also get a breakdown of financial activities by provider and facility to compare productivity.

Lytec + EHR, the all new cloud based EHR system will revolutionize your practice.

EMR is a breeze compared to paper. You’re crazy not to buy EMR. It will be your best investment ever!

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