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Lytec 2023

Powerful Practice Management Software for Medical Practices and Professional Billers

Simplify processes, increase productivity and maximize revenue with AZCOMP Technologies and Lytec 2023

Simplify Processes | Increase Productivity | Maximize Revenue

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Owning a medical practice or a billing company should be rewarding, not frustrating and exhausting.

Everything you already have to do is hard enough. Lack of efficiency in process, lack of productivity and not collecting everything that is owed to you is frustrating and stressful.

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will simplify your processes, increase productivity and maximize revenue. And, maximized revenue and efficient operations is much more fun and rewarding than the alternative.

Simplify Processes

Easier workflows, fewer clicks, get paid faster

Increase Productivity

Get more done in less time

Maximize Revenue

Improved management of the complete revenue cycle

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What's New in Lytec 2023?

For the ultimate in efficiency, productivity, and profit maximization, upgrade to Lytec 2023. And, with AZCOMP as your Lytec partner, you’ll feel confident in all things Lytec.

Choose How You Upgrade to Lytec 2023

Lytec Annual Upgrade

Buy the software in one transaction, plus buy any add-on services you'd like. Call to get pricing.

Lytec Monthly Subscription

For a low monthly price, get your software, get it installed, get technical support and training. Call to get pricing.

Lytec Hosted Server

For a low monthly price, we'll host Lytec for you so you can log-in from anywhere, plus get support and training. Call to get pricing.


Upgrading to Lytec 2023 is Simple. Here’s How To Do It.

1. Call

(480) 730-3055

2. Choose

Your Method To Upgrade

3. Enjoy

the Benefits of AZCOMP & Lytec 2022

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Get the Most Out of Lytec with these additional services:
Lytec Training

get the help you need to become a Lytec wizard

Lytec Technical Support

get PHENOMENAL support on your technical issues

Lytec Electronic Health Records

we have several EHR options to integrate with Lytec

Electronic Claims Clearinghouse

maximize your reimbursements with the least amount of effort

Electronic Statements & Payments

Maximize your patient payments with the least amount of effort

Patient Reminders & Communications

Keep your calendar booked solid with automated patient reminders

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Industry leading Lytec partner since 2000

  • Trusted by more providers than any other Lytec partner in the world

  • AZCOMP has worked with 1,000’s of practices all over the country

  • Unmatched experience in helping businesses succeed with Lytec

  • 4.9 Star Google Rating

We’re proud of our reviews!

AZCOMP support always helps me, they are amazing! They respond quickly and take their time to make sure all my issues are resolved.
Gina Marie Vega
Gina Marie Vega
October 12, 2020.
AZCOMP is there to make you and your organization empowered in a time when your client data can be at great risk. They have knowledgeable staff that truly enjoy helping and educating medical offices/small businesses find a solution to keep your organization system be safe and efficient.
Heidi Geldis
Heidi Geldis
September 29, 2020.
Stacey at AZCOMP is such a pleasure to work with! she makes finding all of the right things for your business easy and affordable. AZCOMP really prides itself on making sure that their clients feel comfortable and well taken care of.
Ginia Lucas
Ginia Lucas
September 28, 2020.
Professional and full of knowledge. Would recommend without reservation.
sandra margoles
sandra margoles
September 25, 2020.
The people at AZCOMP are Phenomenal. Getting a new EMR can be a daunting task to say the least. However, I can say that the transition has been far more manageable with the help of the staff from AZCOMP.
Julie jcissweet
Julie jcissweet
September 19, 2020.
AZCOMP is a phenomenal company with phenomenal people working for it! We have been working with them professionally for some time now and cannot say enough good things about them. From their industry leading service and sales to their knowledgeable and friendly staff all the way to their community out reach and services this is what companies should strive to be like. If you have business you need to use AZCOM for your IT needs. If you need medical billing and practice management you have found the right place! Just use AZCOMP, even if you don't need that stuff just go work with them!
Dan Baker
Dan Baker
September 18, 2020.
AZCOMP is an amazing customer service oriented company!! They are all so knowledgeable and will have your back!! Look to them for all your network security needs!! Contact them today!!! Do not wait until it is too late!!
Mary Kominska
Mary Kominska
September 17, 2020.
Jay was the best and knew exactly what was going on. He even gave me some good pointers on how to navigate the system better. Thanks Jay for all your help.
Becky VanDetta
Becky VanDetta
July 22, 2020.
Both Susan and Shannon stepped up and went above and beyond to get me going in just a few minutes. Really appreciate that. Great service by AZCOMP as usual. Thank you. Michael
Jonathan Rucker
Jonathan Rucker
July 15, 2020.

The world’s best practice management software and the world’s number one dealer.

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