Do You Have IT Frustrations?

IT Frustrations = Lower Employee Productivity

Lower Employee Productivity = Lower Profitability

Lower Employee Productivity = Lower Patient Satisfaction

When we implement our IT management system for medical or dental practices, we eliminate IT frustrations that will help increase employee productivity and patient satisfaction!

What Is “Managed IT Services”?

Managed IT Services is a fixed-fee service that a technology company (an IT vendor, an IT guy, an IT firm) provides to a business for the purpose of helping that business achieve TECHNOLOGY SUCCESS!

In our book, technology success means this:

  • The burden & stress of IT management has been removed from the business owner or business manager

  • IT frustrations are gone

  • All technology is reliably functioning the way it should

  • Employees are productive without technology getting in the way

  • Business operations are smooth allowing for an excellent customer experience

  • The business is leveraging technology to get ahead of the competition

  • Business risks have been assessed and plans are in place to minimize the risks

As your flat rate IT provider, it will be our responsibility to manage all aspects of the technology associated with your business. Using our unique process and system, we consistently deliver PHENOMENAL service and results to you, our client, so that you can deliver phenomenal service to your own clients.

If you’re ready to put technology frustrations behind you, call us today! Or, request a free one-on-one IT consultation using the form to the side.

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Read what other business owners are saying about us:

“Now that I have AZCOMP, all my IT headaches have gone away.”

Dr. Jerry Owensby, Mesa, AZ

“With AZCOMP, we have a one-stop-shop that is perfectly suited for us and I’m just ecstatic about it.”

Dr. Pamela Dowell, Oro Valley, AZ

“I always talk about how you guys have done such a wonderful job.”

Dr. Robert Bloomberg, MD, Tempe, AZ

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If you’re not ready to call, we would at least like to send you a copy of our recently published report, “What every small business owner must know about protecting and preserving their company’s critical data and computer systems”. If your data is important to your business and you cannot afford to have your operations halted for days – even weeks – due to data loss or corruption, then you need to read this report and act on the information shared. This report will outline the most commonly made, costly mistakes that most small business owners make with their data protection.

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