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Data Backup and Disaster Recovery for Your Business

Avoid Data Loss and Major Interruptions with AZCOMP’s Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution

How Important is Your Data, Your Server, and Your Computers to Your Business? It’s Different for Everyone. Let’s Find Out.

Unexpected Crash

If all the technology in your business was down for a day (or more), is that something you could live with?


If within a moment you completely lost your server and all data on it through a ransomware attack, how would that impact your business?

Unexpected Disaster

If there was a fire or flood or some other disaster in your building, could your business easily resume in a new location?

There are a lot of different scenarios where the wrong backup solution would prove to be disastrous or even fatal to your business.

However, the right backup solution will prove to be vital for your network, for your technology, for your data, for productivity, for compliance and for uninterrupted operations of your business.

Protect Your Data & Your Business with AZCOMP’s Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

When it comes to finding the right backup solution for a particular business, there are several factors to consider.

Those are the main factors, but there are always unique situations for each business that will make an impact on the right solution.

So, before providing a specific recommendation for you, we need to meet with you and learn more about your business and the specifics of your technology. Then we can discuss options of how we can help. Let’s get started with that.

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We will Implement our Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution for your business

How Important is Your Data, Your Server, and Your Computers to Your Business? It’s Different for Everyone. Let’s Find Out.

AZCOMP Technologies will provide your business with worry-free disaster recovery solutions to keep your business viable even when it seems like everything has been lost. We offer the most dependable data & server backup solutions to businesses and healthcare providers like yours.

More than just data backups

Getting backups of your data is a good start, but we do more than that. Everything that is on your server gets “mirrored”. This means that the operating system, all programs and applications, all settings and configurations, all files and data are all continuously backed up. When your server crashes, we can have everything on your server restored to its original place, and we can do it quickly.

Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

RTO is the time it takes to recover your data and restore it back to your device so you can resume your work. Here’s what you have to ask yourself about recovery time – “how much will it cost my business if I do not have access to information on my server or other line of business programs for “X” amount of time (lost revenue, lost productivity, lost business opportunity…)?”

If it would be a significant burden on your business in terms of cost or opportunity cost, you could consider getting a backup solution with a small RTO, like 1-hour RTO for example. If the actual cost or opportunity cost is relatively low, then you could consider a backup solution with a larger RTO, like 1 or 2 days for example. The lower the RTO, the more expensive the solution will be.

There are a wide range of RTO options. Which is right for you?

Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

Backups get stored on other drives. If your backup is on a tape that you put in your purse as you leave the office, but then you lose your purse, you’ve lost your backup too! Also, with a tape backup or an external hard drive or a USB drive, the other question to ask is how do you know it will restore the data when you need it?

When possible and practical, we implement the 3-2-1 principle. 3 total sets of your data. 2 are backups. 1 of the backups is stored on-site and 1 is stored off-site.

Test Restores

Have you ever tested your current backup solution? When you’re in that moment that you need your backup to work, will that be the first time you’ve ever checked to find out if it will work or not? If you’re not testing your backup, how do you know it will restore your data?

If you knew that your backup solution was tested on a weekly basis, would that give you the confidence you need to know that it will work in that moment that you really need it? If this seems like something important then we have the solution for you.

Automated with Reporting

From our experience, backups are far more likely to happen regularly if there is an automated feature in the software. Backup solutions that are dependent on a person making the backup happen are very prone to not actually getting done.

Also, it is very important that you have a program that reports to you that backups have been completed as scheduled. In addition to this, it is very important that someone within your organization is responsible for reading these reports on a daily basis and will troubleshoot anything whenever there are problems.

With AZCOMP’s managed backup solutions, we utilize automation, reporting, verifications, test restores, redundancy and so on. It is a worry-free solution for your business that protects your data and your business!

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