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About CryptoLocker Malware

CryptoLocker is a malware program that enters your network via email and will encrypt your data using RSA & AES encryption. Once the malware has finished encrypting your data, a CryptoLocker program will pop up demanding payment to decrypt your data. The payment may range from $100 and up in order to decrypt the files. However, the problem does not stop there- there is no proof that the attacker will send you the decryption code, and that it will work. Plus, paying these cybercriminals encourages them to keep doing these activities and funds their efforts and new technologies.

If your business has potentially experienced a cryptolocker virus, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today for assistance!

AZCOMP Technologies provides cryptolocker removal services and cryptolocker prevention services to companies. We are a local cryptolocker removal company with deep experience helping both SMBs and enterprises.

We’re the CryptoLocker-busters that your business needs.

AZCOMP Technologies offers cryptolocker removal services and protection. We know how to prevent these threats from hijacking your system and what to do in the event of an attack on your network. We also provide data recovery services to recover damaged and destroyed files by the cryptolocker.

Businesses of all sizes, from SMBs to large enterprises, encounter great difficulty resolving and recovering from a cyberattack. We’ve worked with numerous businesses that have attempted to remove the cryptolocker in house only  to have the virus hide within the network and resurface a few weeks later. If there is a potential attack or breach on your network we advise companies to thoroughly asses their IT infrastructure.

CryptoLocker Removal

We will run our decryption tools and provide infected computers with a working decryption code. Our team has a set of professional decryption tools that may be used for different types of cyryptolocker strains. Leave it to us, we will solve your cryptolocker problems as quickly as possible!

File and Data Recovery

We can work to recover your lost data in case your business reformatted your hard drives to avoid the cryptomalware attack. Whether you are using a Windows 7 or a Windows 10 computer, we have a data recovery solution. We will reverse the effects of the cryptolocker malware on your system and help prevent future attacks from taking place.


Let our cryptolocker experts show you how your technology is a tool for success, as opposed to a constant source of stress and worry. Contact us so we can start to get to know your business and help you make good business decisions involving your technology.

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