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IT Support for Healthcare and Medical in the Phoenix & Surrounding Areas

Having the right technology in place for your medical practice or small business, and having it setup correctly makes all the difference between loving technology and hating it. Many small businesses get very frustrated with their technology.

Having the right IT support consultant by your side will make your life easier and will give you the confidence needed to make good decisions for your business.

Here’s how we can help:

  • IT Planning

    AZCOMP will work with you to help technology work for your business in the way that is most beneficial to your unique circumstances. We’ll help you understand what options are available to you, and help you understand how to make your technology dreams become reality.

  • HIPAA Compliance Consulting

    In the healthcare world, HIPAA compliance is a hot topic and many feel overwhelmed by it. AZCOMP can help you to better understand how to become compliant, and can also put a plan in place to make sure your PHI is protected.

  • Security Risk Analysis

    It seems like everyday cybercriminals are getting more sophisticated in how the try to hack into your network and steal from you. It is a complicated situation. AZCOMP can help you understand the risks and threats, and help to put a plan in place to keep you protected.

  • Vendor Management

    As a business owner or a healthcare provider, it can be challenging to manage all the different vendors that interface with your overall technology plan. There is a lot to consider and so many different solutions. Phone systems, internet providers, Wi-Fi, copying and scanning, credit card merchants and many other aspects of your business are related to your overall technology plan. AZCOMP will help manage all IT-related vendor relationships.

  • Preventative Services

    AZCOMP will keep all covered systems up to date and within normal operating parameters to minimize the potential for failure, and to keep your system at its maximum productivity.

  • Proactive Services

    AZCOMP will monitor your entire system, which allows us to know in advance when any part of your network might be at risk of failure. When we detect potential failures, we’ll take action, in advance, to prevent the failure.

  • Disaster Planning

    Modern businesses are completely dependent on their technology. When there is a breakdown in the network, it can cripple the business. AZCOMP will help you to put a disaster plan in place. When disaster strikes, you’ll be prepared to get your business back online quickly so you can resume operations with the minimal amount of interruption.

  • Cloud Consulting

    Want to move your apps to the cloud? Do you want to know what options are available for cloud computing? We can help you understand options and guide you through every step.

It Network

Do you know you need help but not sure what to ask for?

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How Our IT Consultation & Assessment Works

  1. Discovery – we’ll meet with you and your staff in person at your office. We’ll find out your needs, take an in depth look at your current setup, and gather all the data we need to fully understand the situation.
  2. Analysis – once we have all the data and information from the discovery, we’ll review it all and develop a custom-tailored plan specific to your business needs.
  3. Presentation – we’ll meet again and give you all the details about how we can help you get to where you want to go with your technology. We’ll present it to you in uncomplicated non-geek speak so it is easy to understand.

Get a custom-tailored technology consultation and assessment for your business.

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