Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

You and your business are completely dependent on your server, computers, and the data stored on them. It’s time to protect it all like it deserves to be.

Your server can suffer irreparable damage through a number of different ways; fire, hardware failure, virus, flood, or any other natural or man-made disaster to name a few. When your server fails, you run the risk that none of the data or programs can be recovered.

If you lost all the data for your business, would you survive?

60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months of the disaster. Don’t become a data loss statistic! Since you rely so heavily on your server, you need a disaster recovery plan that allows your business to get back online quickly so you can continue business operations.

Backup & Disaster Recovery by AZCOMP

More Than Just Data Backups

Getting backups of your data is a good start, but we do more than that. Everything that is on your server gets “mirrored”. This means that the operating system, all programs and applications, all files and data are all continuously backed up. When your server crashes, we can have everything on your server restored as it was within minutes.

Redundancy (Multiple Backups in Multiple Locations)

Backups get stored on other drives. If your backup is on a tape that you put in your purse as you leave the office, but then you lose your purse, you’ve lost your backup too.

Our backup system stores your backups in two separate world class data centers on opposite ends of the US. This is the best way to protect your data. It is safe, reliable, HIPAA compliant, redundant, and when your server crashes and you need to restore your system, everything will be available to be restored.

Automated with Reporting

From our experience, backups are far more likely to happen regularly if the backup software runs without any manual action.

This rule can be related to Murphy’s Law: “The likelihood of suffering data loss increases in direct proportion to the elapsed time since your last backup.” In other words, if you’re performing all your backups manually, the one day you forget will likely be the day something goes wrong.

With our Automated Backup System, this process runs daily at a scheduled time, allowing you to focus on the things that matter. We monitor this backup, and provide a resolution if a problem is to occur. We regularly test and report on the status and efficiency of backup systems to ensure that your data is getting the attention and protection it deserves.

Contact AZCOMP today at (480) 730-3055 so we can work out a disaster recovery plan that is best suited for your business.

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Contact AZCOMP today at (480) 730-3055 so we can work out a disaster recovery plan that is best suited for your business.