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What Every Dr. Needs to Know About EMR – In Plain English.

Here’s what’s covered in the 14 page guide:

  • Six EMR Advantages

    Six EHR Advantages

  • Common misconceptions

    Common Misconceptions About EHR

  • cost of paper

    Calculate How Much Paper Charts Really Cost

  • 50 things

    50 Things to Love About EHR

  • server vs. web

    Server vs. Web Based EHR

  • Life with EHR

    Life with EHR

  • much more...

    And Much More…

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Request Your FREE Copy of our EHR Guide

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If you have been hesitant to use EMR because of concerns over costs, security, doctor and patient relationships, or because you may be unfamiliar with the technology, this guide will help you understand what’s true, what’s not true, and help you make an informed decision.

The guide includes:

Paper Chart / EMR Comparison for Physicians, Billers, and Staff:

Details of the difference for all members of your team. The guide identifies common daily tasks and compares paper vs EMR offices side by side.

Answers to Important Questions:

If you have questions like, “Exactly how can moving to EMR increase my income?” or “Will EMR slow me down?”, or “Will EMR hurt my relationship with my patients?” Read the answers to these and other questions.

Even if you think EMR is not for you, or if you’re considering switching to EMR sometime in the future, this EMR Guide will explain all the options and help you make the best decision for your practice.

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