With BillFlash, You Can Send Patient Statements In Just A Few Minutes Instead Of Hours Or Days

Wouldn’t You Rather Send All Of Your Patient Statements In Just Minutes Instead of Hours Or Days?

You Can Test Drive BillFlash FREE For 60 Days (You Only Pay For Postage).  Offer Expires May 31, 2014.

What is the best way to sent patient statements? - AZCOMP Technologies
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BillFlash is a service that sends your patient statements for you.  It is a feature inside of Medisoft, Lytec & Practice Choice that is already included, you just need to sign up for the service to unlock the feature. For only a quarter (25¢) per statement – BillFlash will automatically send all your statements for you. (This 25¢ fee is waived the first 60 days of service as long as you sign up before May 31, 2014.)

Using BillFlash, when you are ready to send out your statements, you can review each billing file and add custom messages to all or none of your patients. You can delete or adjust any bill.  You can change the color of individual statements.  You can make all of these adjustments and changes and more BEFORE you approve the billing file.  Then you send it to BillFlash and the rest is taken care of for you.

There is no set up fee and no long-term contract.  You can cancel at anytime with no penalty.  What are you waiting for?  Sign up today and start sending patient statements the easy way.

To learn more about BillFlash and to sign up, go to our BillFlash webpage.

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