Windows 10 Support Is Now Available For Medisoft & Lytec

Windows 10 Medisoft

You Can Now Upgrade to Windows 10

In a recent announcement, e-MD’s stated that Windows 10 support is now available for Medisoft and Lytec users.

Using Medisoft Clinical or Lytec MD? You Still Need To Hold Off

Within the same announcement, e-MD’s stated that they currently do not support Windows 10 for Medisoft Clinical and Lytec MD products. They continue to test but do not have a date for when support will be available.

Medisoft v20 Hotfix for Freezing on Startup

There is an intermittent issue with Medisoft v20 freezing on startup with some Windows 10 devices. When you upgrade to Windows 10, if you experience this problem you can download and install the Medisoft v20 Hotfix to resolve the issue.

Click here to go to our Medisoft downloads page to get the hotfix.

Need Medisoft or Lytec Help?

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Windows 10 Medisoft