What To Do When Procedure Code Is Blank In Box 24 Of CMS 1500/02 Claim Form In Lytec 2014

AZCOMP Support Video: Learn How To Correct The Problem When Box 24 Is Empty In CMS 1500/02 Claim Form In Lytec 2014

lytec tips and tricksIn Lytec 2014, we have gotten multiple support phone calls of customers saying that box 24 is blank in their CMS 1500/02 claim form and are wondering why and what to do about it.  This video teaches you how to fix this problem when you encounter that.  Master Lytec support guru Russ shows you in a very quick video precisely what to do when this problem pops up.

Video: Box 24 of CMS 1500 claim form is blank in Lytec 2014

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