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The world is as hyper-connected as ever, and more businesses rely on the Internet for nearly everything. But with great connectivity comes great risk.

Cybercriminals are constantly looking for ways to infiltrate company networks to steal data and funds. Data is the new gold in the age of the internet.

As discussed in our article on the 15 Ways to Protect Your Business From a Cyber Attack, web gateway security is one powerful tool to block these threats.

What Exactly is a Web Gateway?

A web gateway is like a security guard at the front entrance of your company network. All internet traffic entering or leaving your business flows through this gateway.

Typically, the gateway scans this traffic to allow legitimate use while blocking cyber threats.

Web gateways are hardware or software solutions that filter inbound and outbound internet activity. They analyze everything crossing between the open internet and your internal network, including websites, applications, content, and more.

Common names for web gateways include web security gateways, web filters, and secure web gateways. But no matter what you call them, their purpose is the same – fortifying your network perimeter from digital dangers.

Why Your Business Needs Web Gateway Security

Without web gateways, your employees have unrestricted access to the entire internet, including millions of malware-infected sites. That means a million opportunities for malware infection.

We have discussed why your staff must undergo security awareness training, but technology can also lend a hand in battling cyber threats.

Implementing a web gateway firewall helps cover your bases by acting as a first line of defense against viruses and other nasties lurking online.

With web gateways, you can avoid leaving yourself wide open or exposed when employees browse the web. The firewall adds an essential layer of protection to your business.

Ultimately, combining awareness training and other measures with secure web gateways gives you the best shot at keeping cybercriminals and malware at bay.

Web Gateway Security Benefits for Your Business

Did you know that 1 in 10 web requests lead to malicious sites? And over 90% of malware is spread through the web?

That’s where web gateways come in!

They help combat threats like:

  • Malware infections from tainted websites and files: Unlike antivirus that tries detecting malware once on your network, web gateways prevent infections by blocking malicious sites and files preemptively.

Gateways also offer more proactive protection than intrusion detection systems, which passively monitor and alert on threats. By filtering out dangers before they reach endpoints, web gateways provide an essential first barrier against malware.

  • Network infiltration from viruses, worms, and spyware: Web gateways nip malware threats in the bud by preventing them from slipping through in the first place. But I have antivirus specifically for that!

Well, sometimes, your antivirus software tries bolting the stable door after infections occur. On the other hand, web gateways have bolted the door already, only allowing safe traffic. It is the perfect complement to your antivirus software and intrusion detection system.

  • Phishing scams tricking staff into revealing passwords: By filtering out dangerous links, web gateways stop phishing attacks dead in their tracks before staff takes the bait.
  • Ransomware that encrypts and hijacks company data: Web gateways are one of the best shields against ransomware reaching your network to hold data hostage. The defense system is more proactive than intrusion detection systems, which often raise the alarm when an event is almost in progress.
  • Data loss from unauthorized uploads or downloads: By blocking unwanted sites and controlling uploads/downloads, web gateways help avoid data leakage and keep confidential info under wraps.
  • Productivity loss through access to unwanted content: Unlike basic content filters, web gateways give granular control over blacklisting time-wasting or inappropriate sites to keep staff focused on the task at hand.

A secure web gateway is like hiring a full-time security team to monitor how your staff interacts online 24/7. The difference is it’s an automated system that never sleeps.

No human security team could handle filtering over 1 billion web requests daily like a web gateway does!

Key Web Gateway Security Features

Advanced AI and machine learning allow modern web gateways to dynamically identify new threats and learn safe patterns of business use. Key features include:

  • URL/Website Filtering – Blocks known malicious sites and allows/denies access to website categories like social media, gambling, etc.
  • Real-Time Behavior Analysis – Assesses web traffic risk in milliseconds to catch stealthy unknown threats.
  • Data Loss Prevention – Stops accidental or intentional unauthorized uploading of sensitive data.
  • Malware Identification – Identifies signature patterns of viruses, spyware, ransomware, and zero-day threats.
  • Application Control – Allows, blocks, or restricts access to risky apps like torrent and proxy tools.
  • HTTPS Scanning – Decrypts and inspects encrypted HTTPS traffic for hidden attacks.
  • User/Group Policies – Custom web policies for different departments or employee groups.
  • Detailed Logging/Reporting – Visibility into all activity for monitoring and audits.

As you can see, web gateways offer multilayered protection far beyond basic firewalls. Integrating them into your network security strategy is essential today.

Following cybersecurity best practices reduces your risk and safeguards your organization in our ever-evolving digital landscape.

Web Gateway Security Installation: AZCOMP Technologies Is At Your Service

With cyber threats growing daily, you need the best technology and talent to protect your business. AZCOMP Technologies of Mesa, AZ, has been securing businesses just like yours since 2000 in Arizona and across the US. We stay on top of the latest solutions and threats to keep your network locked up tight.

Our experts can handle your web gateway implementation with no disruption to operations. And we offer fully managed IT services to monitor your systems 24/7 and respond instantly to attacks. Don’t wait until it’s too late – a data breach can cripple your business.

Cut out the cyber cowboys and hire a proven team you can trust.

Contact AZCOMP Technologies today for a free consultation on fortifying your defenses with a managed web gateway and complete IT security package.

We’ve got your back in the wild frontier of the web. Call us or use this form to schedule a free security assessment.

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