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Making A Difference In The Lives Of Patients

Employees at AZCOMP Technologies don’t directly work with your patients- but as we say here- We play for the patients. Your patient is someone’s mom, or husband, or brother, or daughter, or best friend, or neighbor and we think that every patient deserves the best care possible.

Sometimes we hear stories that light this fire in us and make us more passionate about what we do- and sometimes we live those stories ourselves. And today we wanted to share the story of one of our own employees.

Keven is a manager here at AZCOMP, and Keven’s brother had an abnormal lump not too long ago. His mom was worried and encouraged him to go see his doctor. And like every good son, he did what his mom said. He went to his doctor who sent him to get several tests at the lab. He did all the tests and then waited.

His mom kept asking him about the results but he didn’t have anything to tell her because the doctor never called him back. Again his mother kept persuading him to call his doctor and ask so after some time he did. The lab results were nowhere to be found. The Practice couldn’t find them anywhere- they had no way of knowing if they even got the results back or if they did get them if they had been misfiled. But bottom line Keven’s brother still had no idea if something was wrong.

He decided to go to a different doctor. Again he went and did the required labs requested by his doctor. But this time the results came back and immediately flagged the doctor that the lab results were abnormal. Keven’s brother had cancer which had been rapidly spreading. They got him into surgery immediately.

This huge delay in finding out what was wrong could have been avoided. The second doctor was using an EMR system that will notify the doctor if lab results don’t come back within a certain period of time.  The system also automatically alerts the doctor if the results are abnormal.

The first doctor obviously was not using an EMR system.  That doctor’s inefficiencies almost cost Keven’s brother his life.  Luckily, Keven’s brother recovered- but his situation was worsened due to the huge delay.

At AZCOMP we know there are better ways to take care of patients. This is exactly why we urge our doctors to get on EMR and use tools like lab integration- because we know that it will help patients like Keven’s brother.  It is for reasons like this that we are so passionate about what we do at AZCOMP.  We aren’t just selling software…we are making a difference.

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