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Our very first core value at AZCOMP is to “deliver phenomenal.” We put our values in order for a reason, and this one’s at the top because it’s the absolute crux of what we do. It helps our culture thrive, makes our clients happy, and, in turn, allows them to make their own clients happy.

Technology is the backbone of most businesses these days. If your tech isn’t working, it’s going to cause all kinds of problems, no matter what field you’re in. For AZCOMP, this tech is most often related to the medical field, so in many ways, it’s even more vital that it’s working correctly because it directly affects the well-being of the patients who are counting on it. That’s why we’re so adamant about making sure we provide absolutely phenomenal service every time.

“…We’re so adamant about making sure we provide absolutely phenomenal service every time.”

– Byron Adams

Just a few weeks ago, we met with a prospective client in their medical offices.

They wanted to switch IT companies because rather than their current company taking care of their IT issues for them, they would instead just tell their client how they could fix the issues themselves. This left us scratching our heads. You don’t see doctors telling their patients how to perform their own surgery. Doctors spend years getting an education and years treating patients so they can directly implement care and treatment because their patients are not equipped to provide their own care. It should be the same with any IT company; we’re trained to do our job, and we should be expected to do it. This client saw the value in having a technology partner who takes what it does seriously and makes sure it’s using that knowledge to give its clients the service that they can’t provide for themselves. In contrast, we had another meeting with a prospective client who was a bit more reluctant to let us do what we do best. This medical professional was handling all of his own IT, from system setup to troubleshooting. The problem is he wasn’t trained in IT practices. so he couldn’t provide himself and his staff the tools and support they needed to run an efficient business. We did an assessment and found that his system likely haven’t been working properly for years. During that time, he has created an environment of frustrated employees, which in turn, led to disappointed patients who weren’t getting the care or services they needed.

This is why delivering phenomenal is so important at AZCOMP. We strive every day to make sure our clients are using the best technology possible because that allows them to deliver phenomenal to their own clients.

“We’re experts at what we do so our clients can be experts at what they do.”

– Byron Adams

But it doesn’t stop there. We work hard every day to make sure we’re also delivering phenomenal within our own walls to our own team members. That’s because providing great service starts with fostering a culture that allows your team to thrive and also inspires them to help others thrive too. We make sure our own systems are running smoothly so we can do the work we’re trained to do, and do it in a way that makes us proud. You’d be amazed at how easily a happy mindset at work translates into providing service that makes your clients happy too.

It takes a lot of practice to figure out how to deliver phenomenal. It doesn’t happen overnight, and sometimes you have to reach out for a little help to really make sure you’re delivering something truly phenomenal. Here at AZCOMP, we work every day to help our clients see the value in reaching out to a technology partner that helps them do their best work.

AZCOMP Technologies – the #1 eMDs reseller since 2005.

We are the ultimate source for all things Medisoft & Lytec. Whatever your question or problem or need with Medisoft & Lytec, we can help you. AZCOMP can help with sales, training, coaching, installation, support, EHR, add-on tools such as preferred clearinghouses, or patient statements, patient payments, appointment reminders and more.

For more Medisoft information, visit our website here: https://www.azcomp.com/medisoft/

For more Lytec information, visit our website here: https://www.azcomp.com/lytec/

Be sure to call us at (480) 730-3055 for all your network and healthcare technology needs.

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