Updating Health Maintenance Age Templates

Have you ever opened the Health Maintenance Tab on a patient’s chart only to find that the age template that is applied to the patient doesn’t match the patient’s age?

For example, this 40 year old male patient shows that he still has a 19-39 year old male health maintenance template applied to his chart:

This can be manually corrected by removing the incorrect template from the patient’s chart and adding in the correct one for the patient’s age/sex. Note that any data that when removing the old template, any data that was recorded under that template will not be removed from the chart but rather it will be moved to the “Historical” section of Health Maintenance. If the same Health Maintenance item exists on the new template the information will not be found under historical, it will continue to display in the row or that health maintenance item on the main screen.

 To manually update the templates, click on the “Templates” button in the health maintenance screen:

And then, after selecting the tab with the age health maintenance template displayed, hitting “Delete Template” (If you have several templates applied to the patients chart you may need to use the arrows in the upper right corner of the Health Maintenance Templates display window to navigate through all the templates applied to the patient you are viewing.

Once the old template is removed, click the “New Template” button to add the correct age template to the patient’s chart. A window will appear asking for provider or practice ID, to access the universal templates leave these fields blank and hit OK.

The Health Maintenace Template Selection window will appear, to narrow down the available template click on the radio button for “Age/Sex”, highlight the appropriate template for the patient and hit “OK”

The best way to avoid manually updating the charts is to run the Age Health Maintenance utility.

The utility checks whether the correct age/sex template is already applied to the patient. If not, then it removes the incorrect template and applies the correct one. Data associated with the incorrect template is made historical only if the procedure does not exist in another template applied to the patient (for example, if aspirin therapy is part of the incorrect template and not the new template, but it also is part of a protocol template assigned to the patient, the aspirin therapy data will not be made historical). The utility also looks at the patient’s historical data, and makes current any data that is part of the new template but not the incorrect template.

For the utility to work, the patient must have a sex and age entered in the system, and there must be an HM template that matches the sex and age.

To use the Age Health Maintenance Templates utility, go to: Maintenance > Utilities > Health Maintenance Utilities > Age Health Maintenance Templates.

You will be asked if the database is backed up and will need to hit “Yes” to proceed. (If you do not have an automatic remote backup of your database in place please call us at 480.730.3055 to talk to us about our affordable solutions!)

A message will display letting you know the utility is processing.

Once completed you will receive the following notice:

Note: If an individual patient’s health maintenance template has been customized, then the template remains unchanged. A list of these patients is stored in a file called PRHMA.CHG. You can load this file into Windows Notepad or another editor to view and print it. You will need to fix these templates one at a time.

The Age Health Maintenance Templates utility can also be run as a freestanding utility (UpdatePatHmAgeTemplates.exe in the database directory- usually p:\ppart). You can use Windows Scheduler to run this automatically at an interval of your choice.

**We recommend running this utility once per month.

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