Fulfilling A Vision to Deliver Phenomenal & Care About the One

I have a good friend of mine that makes a Christmas video every year of his family, sending this out instead of a Christmas card. He got the idea from my brother, Jared, who has done it for the past decade.  This year, he stepped it up a notch and did something above and beyond for someone else………He and his family built a home and gave it to someone who needed it! 

The Vision:

Behind the scenes, he shared with me that he struggled with what to do for this year for his family video, because he wanted to do more then just make a fun video.  He wanted to do something for someone that would make a major impact. 

He had the impression to build a small house.  He tried ignoring it because he has no clue how to do it but, the impression kept coming. 

Googling the plans on the internet, he started building.  Keep in mind, he does cement work for a living and pretty much just knows cement. 

The Kicker:

You’d think this guy was loaded or did pretty good financially, but the real truth is, he isn’t.  In fact, he barely makes it by financially, and with 5 kids, he rarely has any free time.  Yet somehow, he was able to pull off this great miracle for this family. 

What makes this story amazing, is that he didn’t even have enough funds to build it but, he started anyways.  Others heard of what he was doing and freely donated the needed materials, without him even asking for them.  He spent 2 months just about every night working on this home. 

Here is the video of him and his family building it:

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And, Here is the video of them delivering the home to the family in need:

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 So, the next time you wonder if you can make a difference for someone else, think of Micah.

No skill, no money, no time, but with God, all things are possible!