Everyone Else Has NOT Already Figured Everything Out

I remember when I was a kid thinking that all these companies that existed and made things and created things and provided services had everything 100% completely figured out.  I thought that they had this standard rule book that everyone knew about and operated off of and that these companies just ran and everyone always knew what to do.

I didn’t understand that there were new companies being started every day and that a lot of them would fail.  I didn’t understand that there were companies that had been around for a long time that would fail.  I didn’t understand that there were people out there trying new things and sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t.  I didn’t understand that adults didn’t always know what to do.

These thoughts weren’t exactly weighing on my mind continually or anything like that, but it wasn’t until my early 20’s that I finally caught on to the notion that pretty much every company and every person is out there trying to figure things out.  We are all trying to see what works.  And we are all discovering that certain things work in one situation and they don’t work in another.

We All Have The Ability To Change The World

The past two days I was at a business strategy and marketing training a learned a lot of really valuable lessons.  One of the many, many things that was shared was this video of Steve Jobs talking about his own view of the secret to life.

Check out the video here:

According to Steve Jobs, this is the secret to life.  I was one of the people Steve was talking about when saying that we grow up thinking that the world is the way it is and we are supposed to live our lives inside of it and not bash into the walls too much.  That was me as a kid.

That certainly is not the case though.  When we understand that we have the freedom and liberty and ability to change things, that is when we can change the world.  We all have the ability to change things, to influence things, to mold things and make things that other people can use and benefit from.  We are all innovators, creators, entrepreneurs in one way or another.

AZCOMP Core Value #8: We Surf Jaws (Innovate & Improve)

One of the core values of AZCOMP Technologies is ‘We Surf Jaws’.  That is our way of saying that we believe in being innovative.  We innovate.  We want to create new things that are valuable that other people can use and benefit from.  We want to improve things.  When we are confronted with challenges that seem impossible, we look to find new ways of doing things so that the thing that was originally impossible is now something that can be done.

The reason we call it ‘Surf Jaws’ is because Jaws is the name of a wave in the ocean that was so tall, and so fast that no surfer could paddle fast enough to catch it to surf it.  Nobody could ride it until a surfer named Laird Hamilton took two technologies that already existed and put them together to make it possible to surf the ‘un-catch-able’ wave.

That is the challenge that we embrace here at AZCOMP.  That is the value that we try to instill in our management and our employees…to find a way to innovate and improve.  To make things better than they were.

The moral of the story is that we cannot look at life through the lens that everyone else has already figured everything out.  Things are the way that they are and we shouldn’t mess with it.  We must all realize that there are things that we can create, that we can mold, that we can innovate, that we can improve.  All the things that have previously been created or improved were done by people no smarter than you or I.  So realize that you have it within you to make an impact and change things for the better.

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