The Misunderstanding of Using Technology

Is Your Relationship with Technology Moving Your Business Forward or Holding it Back?

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We live in in a world where technology grows and changes a lot faster than some of us can manage to keep up with. But the one thing about technology that doesn’t change is the concept behind it: It’s a tool we can use to make what we’re doing both easier and better. When it boils down to technology in the workplace, if you’re not using that tool in the most effective way, you’re setting yourself up for a lot of lost productivity.

A large field that AZCOMP serves is medical practices and offices. It takes a lot of tech to efficiently run these organizations so they can provide the care their patients need, and we recognize the importance of this delicate cause and effect. Many doctors value technology and the ways it can help them run their business, and they understand the important of finding a technology partner to help them set up their systems to run as efficient as possible. To this end, AZCOMP regularly helps these offices discover how to use technology to their best advantage and helps them take further steps in achieving their business goals.

“We helped them figure out how to use their technology at an optimal level, and it’s since led to hassle-free operations, happier employees and patients, and increased productivity. ”

– Benson Bashford

Take this recent client as an example:

A new OBGYN client recently came to us because they had a security breach. We were able to help them solve the issue, but when we took a closer look at their operations, our relationship became about more than patching up a problem. They realized how having us as their technology partner could help them reach higher levels of productivity, as well as keep them secure. We didn’t need to just be a source to patch up problems as they occurred. We could be much more than that, and we were ready to show them how. They had been experiencing slow and dysfunctional computer operations for a long time. This created frustrated employees, which translated to lackluster services for their patients. Not to mention, they were susceptible to a security breach, which compromised things further. They would sometimes replace their computers with brand new computers in an effort to address their problems, but nothing was changing. We helped them realize that even though their equipment was new, it wasn’t appropriate for running the programs needed to operate their specific type of business. We actually reduced the number of computers they were using while setting them up with the tech they needed to function properly. We helped them figure out how to use their technology at an optimal level, and it’s since led to hassle-free operations, happier employees and patients, and increased productivity.

Time and time again, we see prospective clients suffering from similar issues and misunderstanding of technology, and they don’t realize what working with a technology partner can do for them.

They often view it as a necessary evil that will suffice at the minimum threshold. While that may have been true at some point in the past, with the way the industry is rapidly progressing, this is no longer the case.

“Technology exists as a tool for us to utilize to our advantage.”

– Benson Bashford

Our goal at AZCOMP isn’t to figure out how to make your systems as flashy and expensive as possible – it’s to strategically work with you to figure out what kind of system can make you operate on a level that will help you achieve your business goals. Technology exists as a tool for us to utilize to our advantage. Most, if not all, businesses these days function on some type of technology. We’re here to help you understand the relationship you can have with technology and how it can truly benefit the great work you do. Our goals align with yours because we want your business to succeed, just as you do.

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