The Delivering Phenomenal Award Winner Is….

What is the Delivering Phenomenal Award?

Medisoft and Lytec technical support - Azcomp support department

Every year at AZCOMP, we give out a very special award, and it has a very special prize, and it is centered around our first and most important core value – “We Deliver Phenomenal”.  Just about every company out there – doesn’t matter the product or the industry – says that customer service is their number one priority.  We say that too, but we put our money where our mouth is.

Here is how we ‘put our money where our mouth is’:

After every Support Ticket we finish, or training that is finished, we send a survey to the customer that we were working with.  We ask our customer to rank the support technician and their experience.  We also ask our customer to share some comments if they have anything to say (good or bad).  We use the feedback in the survey’s to help us improve our support, but there are a few other things going on with this survey.

High 5’s!

best medisoft support; best lytec supportWhenever one of our customers gives a support technician a perfect score, we call that a “High-5” and a couple of things happen.


We send out an email to everyone in the company in celebration.  We all chime in together to congratulate the individual for doing a phenomenal job delivering outstanding service to our customers. People like to be appreciated.  The employee also gets a little “high-5” trophy.


We hold a monthly contest.  During our monthly company meeting, we announce everyone that got “High-5’s” and we all clap and cheer for each other- everyone is all pumped up!  Then the person who received the most “High-5’s” for the month wins a $50 cash prize.

medisoft and lytec support technician of the year grand champion trophy


All the employee’s who were given a high-5 throughout the year are entered into an annual and much bigger contest.  The person with the most “High-5’s” at the end of the year is given the “Delivering Phenomenal Award”, which is a nice big trophy.  The winner of this award is also sent on an all-expense paid vacation to a place of their choosing -like 5 days in Hawaii!

Why would you care about this?

Our technicians are highly motivated to solve your Medisoft & Lytec problems and to impress you, which means that you get Awesome Phenomenal support.  If they succeed in making a memorable impression on you when you are frustrated, that is an awesome accomplishment and it will help them earn an amazing vacation, or a little extra spending cash. They deserve it, right?!

We are explaining this to let you know that we care about the kind of experience that you have.  We care about delivering phenomenal customer experiences so much that we are willing to pay out bonus prizes monthly and send people on vacations every year for the ones that do it the best.

And the Award Goes To… Aimee Kazor!

#1 Medisoft and Lytec support Tech receiving the Delivering Phenomenal Award

Recently we had the Annual AZCOMP Anniversary Party.  At this casual and family style banquette, Aimee won the Delivering Phenomenal Award and was named the “Grand Champion”! Congratulations to Aimee!

She has worked in our support department for several years and is our most experienced technician for Medisoft Clinical and Lytec MD EMR systems.  She is an extremely valuable asset to us in the support department.  And like was said earlier in this post, she’s the winner of a fantastic vacation.  She’ll be able to go to Hawaii if she wants, or pick some other destination.

If you would like to experience Phenomenal Support from AZCOMP, then be sure to give us a call at (888) 799-4777 or visit us at



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