The Complete Guide to the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)

Whether you are just beginning or have been participating in MIPS for years, this information will be helpful for you!

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AZCOMP is dedicated to providing you with useful and relevant information relating to your business, not just amidst the current novel Coronavirus pandemic. We recently hosted a webinar where we discussed everything you need to know about the Merit-Based Incentive Payment Systems (MIPS).

With the pandemic, as well as the changes and challenges the healthcare industry has faced in 2020, many practices are left wondering what to do with MIPS. Many of our clients have expressed concern over the risk of receiving a penalty as high as 9%, and others are looking to take advantage of the increased incentives this year. Therefore, it’s important to take a moment to decide where you stand and if any action needs to be taken to meet your MIPS goals. In this webinar, we discuss the options available for eligible providers, and the flexibility CMS has implemented to help providers.

Maggie Delcamp, RN, AZCOMP’s own EHR Specialist and MIPS Consultant, hosted a webinar including:

  • MIPS in a Minute Overview
  • Potential Financial Impact
  • 2019 Finalized Scores are In
  • Minimum Requirements for 2020
  • Hardship Application
  • MIPS Training & Assistance Available

Check out the video below!

Interested in more information found in this webinar?

The MIPS Webinar slide deck is now available: Check out the PDF by clicking here!

Additionally, we mentioned in the webinar that if you are a provider who would like to appoint staff as a representative, you can download the .ZIP file here and access a series of PDFs to walk you through the steps.

AZCOMP Technologies Disclaimer:

Disclaimer: Although AZCOMP Technologies, Inc. makes every effort to ensure that information regarding MIPS and other government programs are checked and accurate in both our documentation and training, the Medicare/Medicaid programs are constantly changing and individual providers may have unique circumstances that go beyond the typical guidelines laid out in the respective programs they are participating in. Therefore, it is the sole responsibility of each provider to study, interpret and remain abreast of the Medicare/Medicaid program requirements and deadlines, contacting program administrators directly as needed. Any documentation and training provided by AZCOMP Technologies, Inc. is based on our interpretation of the programs and certification rules published by the Department of Human Services and are subject to change. Information and training provided is “as is” and without any express or implied warranties. AZCOMP Technologies, Inc. assumes no responsibility for any inaccuracies, errors, or omissions, expressly disclaiming liability for damages of any kind arising out of the use of, reference to or reliance on any content provided. Using certified electronic health record (EHR) systems and other certified health IT to provide and attest to meaningful use is the sole responsibility of the eligible provider.

The latest MIPS regulations can be found on the CMS web site at

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