A Custom Report to Help You Reschedule Your Patients

For many practices, when the COVID pandemic hit, their patients started cancelling appointments. Practices also started closing. But as regions start to open again, people will gradually start to go back to working in their offices.

Returning to work after COVID-19 may be jarring for some employees. This can cause a lot of playing catch up. To ease the transition, we have created a custom report through Medisoft. This report will show you if a patient has a past appointment that was cancelled but does not have another appointment set in the future. During COVID-19, people were cancelling appointments, and this was causing a huge up tick in call backs for practices.

We are all human – someone, somewhere will get overlooked in the rescheduling process. This report will ensure someone who had an appointment at one-point prior, and had to cancel it, will be seen. This will give you the comfort in knowing you have not missed any of your customers and you can reach out to them.

Here’s what you need to do:


Check out our YouTube Page to find out how to import reports in Medisoft. This video will be helpful to you if you have had a report designed or customized and need to import the report.

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Don’t Let Your Patients Forget About You!

Are your patients forgetting who you are?

This is a little guide on how to help your patients not forget about the appointment they have with you and how to help them remember who you are later when they need your services again.

Minimizing no-shows

When a patient has an appointment with you and they no-show, or they cancel on the day of, this can have a big impact on your bottom-line. Either situation leaves you with no time to fill the appointment slot you now have open on your schedule.

When a patient leaves you with a hole in your schedule that means less revenue for you and means that your fixed costs have to spread out over fewer appointments. This will cause your cost per visit to increase.

If your average revenue per visit is $100, and you have 1 missed appointment per day, subtract out some holidays and a few vacation days and that could be about 240 missed appointments per year. The easy math says that is $24,000 in lost revenue per year.

Are you OK with that?

I’m sure you aren’t ok with that, and I’m sure that you are already trying to do something about it. However, you may be aware that both Medisoft and Lytec have a built-in tool to help you minimize the number of no-shows you may be currently experiencing. It is the easiest and most effective way to minimize no-shows.

What is the easy and effective way to minimize no-shows?

It is the easiest way when you are able to automate the appointment confirmation and reminder process.

When you are able to setup an appointment confirmation and reminder system that utilizes all forms of communication (text messaging, email, voice calls), and it does it automatically, that is the most effective way.

The tool that is built into Medisoft and Lytec is called Autoremind. It is an automated system that allows you to confirm appointments with the patient, and remind them of their confirmed appointments using text messaging, email and voice calls. You set up the system once, then you just go about your business of scheduling appointments and Autoremind does the rest.

AutoRemind is your best option for minimizing no-shows.

  • Save your staff from having to make endless number of phone calls during the day
  • Free up your staff to do other items within the practice that are more productive and better for your patients
  • Get appointments confirmed via text message, email or phone. You will be in a much better position of actually getting ahold of your patients.
  • When an appointment is scheduled in Medisoft or Lytec, the AutoRemind system takes over. You have no other steps to complete.
  • AutoRemind gives the patient the ability to confirm or reschedule appointments and your system is automatically updated. No extra steps on your part.
  • You will save time and money and your no-show rate will improve. All of these items are a boost to your bottom line.


Watch how AutoRemind has helped these practices. This could be just like you!

Keep Your Patients for the Long Haul

Once you have provided medical services to a patient, of course you hope that they are healthy forever, but if they ever need your services again, don’t you want the patient to think of you first?

Even if you delivered the best care they have ever had in their lives, if a period of time passes and they never hear your name again, the patient will probably forget about you!

Don’t Let Them Forget About You!

If you don’t want them to forget about you then you need to remind them of who you are and keep in touch with them.

There are a lot of different methods for keeping in touch with patients, and they are all pretty effective too. The challenge is finding the time and resources to make it happen.

Most of the traditional methods for keeping in touch with your patients would include things like this:

  • A newsletter
  • Birthday Cards
  • Reminders about annual checkups
  • Reminders about recommended follow up visits
  • Reminders about seasonal checkups
  • Educational messages
  • Health tips from the doctor
  • Advertisements about services or promotional messages


There are additional ways to remind a patient that you exist, but these are the foundational items. If you aren’t keeping in touch with your patients, then chances are the next time they need your services they will look elsewhere.

If you aren’t doing any of these things, it would be good to start doing them!

If you feel that any of these items would be something good for your practice to try, then you should!

Luckily for you, AutoRemind is built into your software and will help you stay top of mind with your patients.

AutoRemind will help you stay in touch with your patients.

In addition to the appointment reminder portion of AutoRemind, you can use AutoRemind to help you keep in contact with your patients. Since AutoRemind is integrated with Medisoft and Lytec, AutoRemind is very simple to use for things such as birthday greetings, newsletters, reminders, health tips, annual services, promotional messaging and more!

To find out more about how AutoRemind can help with staying in touch with your patients, download this information sheet.

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Keep Your Waiting and Exam Rooms Full With These 4 Simple Tips

Does Your Waiting Room Sometimes Look Like This – Empty?

empty waiting room

If your waiting room is empty or half-filled, then you have too many exam rooms with this going on…

empty exam room

No Shows.  Cancellations.  Half-Filled Waiting Rooms. Rarely See A Patient More Than Once.

These are just some things plaguing practices right now.

Patient Retention is one of the most important things leading to a successful practice.

These are four simple strategies other practices are using to keep their patients long term!

#1: Retaining & Using Important Patient Information

Sometimes it can be assumed that this contact information for all of your patients is buried in a medical record, unused. Here are some helpful data points to obtain with every patient:

  • Patient’s Name

Keeping a list of every patient you have ever worked with is the best way to keeping them. They will want to feel their visit, every time, is personalized to them. Most medical record solutions will provide reports within their software to run “Patient Lists” to show this data including date last seen on all patients. Here is an example:



  • Best Contact Number for Patient

For the most part, this is a cell phone number for your patient. Text message reminders are very effective, and usually a preferred method of communication. At the very least, make sure each patient has an alternate number on file.

  • Email Address for Patient

The average person will check their emails on their phones more than 30 times a day! Sending reminders, updates or health tips via email to your patients can go a long way towards retaining your patients!

  • Patient’s Birth Date

Receiving a “Happy Birthday” from you can make your patients feel as though you really know them. Its a subtle reminder to them that the office cares and that you remember who they are.

Use all of this information to your advantage. If a patient came to you once, wouldn’t you like them to come back to see you again? Send them a birthday card. Send them reminders of their next visit. Text them to confirm an appointment. Send them health and wellness tips.

With very simple communication your patients will remember you and they will feel like you remember them and want them to come back. So use their contact information to keep in touch!

#2: Appointment Reminders Automatically Sent to Patient Via Email/Text

If you have one (or more!) no-show per week or month, isn’t that too many? If a patient makes an appointment with you, don’t you want them to show up?

Yes, it is very time consuming to personally call all of the appointments that you have each and every day. And let’s be honest, not a lot of people are answering their home phone anymore. Sometimes it feels like a complete waste of time to try and remind your patients about appointment.

You might be doing it all wrong.

Automating communication with patients is a tool that is available to you right now, and if you are using text messaging and email then it will be so much more effective.

Solutions like Auto-Remind allow you to remind patients via text, email or phone about appointments. They even confirm or reschedule for you based on the patients response.

Even if you did have time to call everyone on your schedule, automating your reminders is a much more effective way to confirm appointments and actually get patients to show up.

No more no-shows! No more lost revenue!

#3: Scheduling Ahead

During the check out process with a patient, making a habit of scheduling their next follow up or annual appointment will save you much hassle of having to do this later. It seems pretty rare to see a dentists office that isn’t booking the patients next cleaning for 6 months later at the time of the visit.

Implementing this procedure in your practice will save you time in the future and keep your schedule full!

#4: Newsletter Updates for Patients

A newsletter, whether weekly or monthly, can be a great reminder to patients to keep their health at the forefront of their minds, will establish you as an authority for their health, and the next time they need your services, the doctor they call will be you.

This can be filled with recipes, services your practice offers, health & wellness tips, as well as, how to effectively communicate with your practice about appointments, online customer portals, or social media.

Don’t have the time to do this on your own? No problem. Utilize one of the many newsletter services out there like The Newsletter Pro to help you get it done with little to no effort on your part.


No Shows.  Cancellations.  Half-Filled Waiting Rooms.  Not Anymore!

You are now on your way to busy schedules, full waiting rooms, and happy patients!

Follow our blog for more tips & tricks to running a successful practice.

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