Medisoft Video – Medisoft Day Sheet Report – Difference between “date from” and “date created”

Medisoft Support Video: Learn the difference between the “date from” and “date created” fields in a Medisoft Day Sheet Report

Medisoft Tips and TricksIn this video we explain the difference between the “date created” search and the “date from” search when using the day sheet report.  The difference between these two search fields can cause a log of confusion among Medisoft users.  This video will explain the difference, and hopefully it is explained in a way for you to clearly understand.

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medisoft support video - medisoft day sheet

Medisoft & Lytec EMR Support Video – How To Fix The MRPATH.fl File

Medisoft Clinical EMR and Lytec MD EMR video to show you how to fix the MRPATH.fl file

tips and tricksThis video is covering a few errors you might get in Lytec MD or Medisoft Clinical EMR programs that are associated to the MRPATH.fl file.  You might need to fix this file when you are having errors telling you that the drug interaction database is expired even when you know it is not expired.  Or you might need to fix this when the program is telling you that a scanned image file can not be found or opened.  There are other reason, but these two are the most common reasons you would need to fix the MRPATH.fl file.  In this short video you will learn how to fix the file.

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MEDISOFT V19 Support Video: How to fix it when inside and outside lab charges are not printing on statements in Medisoft

What to do in Medisoft v19 when your lab charges are not printing on statements

If you notice that all of your inside and outside lab charges are not printing on your statements, it is because there is a problem with Medisoft.  It’s a super easy fix though, so watch this short video to learn what you can do to fix it when this happens.

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